Do you do all your vocab before levelling up?

Are you using a reorder script or did you change the review order settings? By default, you should be getting the vocabulary from the previous level before the new kanji/radicals for the new level. I find that most helpful for keeping up with reinforcing the kanji I learned and not having vocab pile up. You can check your lesson settings per instructions here.


I have it on level then subject! I wonder if it was a glitch or something then that I was levelling up with vocab from like two or three levels prior still to do?


Generally you should still level up (because that depends on getting your kanji to guru), but you should be getting lessons of the previous level’s vocab until you’ve finished those before getting the new radicals/kanji - that’s really weird. Unfortunately, I probably don’t know enough to help you troubleshoot.

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I’m level 6 too and i find it easier to learn the vocab as soon as i can because it helps me get through the kanji faster.


I do:

I haven’t even started on the Level 5 Kanji yet. It works better for me to Guru most of the previous vocabulary first. It reinforces my kanji reading skills and, to me, it’s more structurally logic. You have to use the lesson filter script though.

You’re getting so close now!!


Just started 53. 52 took me 58 days so I’ll hit 60 sometime around … July 2021 2022? :woozy_face:


You mean 2022?


i make sure that i’ve done all the vocab from the previous lesson before leveling up - ideally i want them done before i guru the radicals of the current level. but i do re-order my lessons, so that i can front-load the radicals and do a mix of kanji and vocab most days.

but it’s really a matter of personal preference

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The system itself always makes you finish the vocab from previous level before starting the new level content. So probably if that’s not happening, you must be using a reorder script, and in that case you can’t just “trust the system”. It is pretty much impossible to finish all vocab before level up, because the last kanji will unlock more vocab from the previous level at the same time you level up, but it is usually best to finish the vocab before leveling the next level. I usually finish the vocab while I start doing radicals and Kanji, but once I start guruing those I must have finished the previous vocab (that usually means doing some days of only previous level vocab before starting the radicals/kanji.


@ElleBlair This may bit a bit out of left-field, but have you considered not counting really obvious vocab in your 10 per day rule right after leveling up? For example if you get a vocab where the readings are the same as you learned with the kanji, and the meaning is clear from the kanji, just don’t even count it. It probably will only take you 5 seconds to review both reading and meaning, and it will take you no effort to memorize, so you may as well just add them all right away. You’re re-ordering anyway so, I don’t see why not anyway.

Past that I’m gonna stay out of it.

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I’m really confused because I’m not using any scripts or anything… I’m just using the iPhone app. And I’ve not changed any settings… it’s set to sort by level, then subject.

Maybe I’ve just got confused. I’m all caught up with vocab now, the only lessons I have are kanji, which I know will unlock new vocab. I’ll just make sure lessons are at zero before I level up.

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I just do everything in the default order given.

I always finish the vocab while the kanji are fresh in my mind. So for my usual 11 day level up speed, the first few days after leveling are spent clearing out vocab.

If it’s Tsurukame on IOS then I have the same settings. Should be fine.

Just stick to your daily limit and apprentice limit to keep the pace manageable.

I did this with all the new content items. They’re super easy after having burned the matching items months ago so I don’t count them towards my daily or apprentice limits.

@ElleBlair you may want to see if the same thing works for you with easy vocab.

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Two things come to my mind:

  • WaniKani Content Additions: maybe you are seeing a few of these new items
  • you recently gurud (<- how do people say this? :sweat_smile: ) some old kanji which unlocked the old vocab items => you don’t need to guru all kanji per level for the level up. Therefore, technically it is possible, in case some item is giving you a hard time, you’ll guru it after you already had moved on some level(s)

Getting old vocab from the previous level always can happen since some of the items will not be unlocked before the level up. Getting items from older levels (before the previous one) could be the result of one of the reasons I mentioned.

if you’re using Tsurukame (iphone app) then it has a setting built-in which reorders the lessons. that’d be in settings, prioritize current level. maybe it’s something like that?

…many of the apps for WK have script functions built-in

Same here. I also like to do it on my phone. I wouldn’t bother changing the default order.
It’s only for those who wanted to level up faster.

I do all the vocab lessons available before I level up.

Once I level up I’ll do all the radical and kanji lessons before I do any more vocab, but I’ll always make sure that I complete those vocab lessons before I guru the radicals and unlock the 2nd half of the kanji.

I use a reorder script and just do (if possible) 5 Kanji 12 vocab everyday and at the start of a new level I do the radicals immediately. If no new kanji are available I do up to 18 vocab items. That way it takes me roughly 9 days to finish a level.

That way I will finish most of a level’s vocab before starting with the new level’s kanji. For the first 2 days into the new level I finish the remaining old level’s vocab.

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