April 30 2021 Content Updates


(20) - added “righteous” to allow list.


(21) - added “solution” to allow list.

(21) - added “righteous” to allow list.

(39) - added えん as on’yomi.

(36) - added ぎ as on’yomi.

(25) - added “tangle” to block list.

(24) - added “arms” to allow list.


退く (27) - changed reading mnemonic.

話し方 (12) - added “way of reading” to block list.

憶測 (48) - added “calculation” to block list and added two context sentences.

優先 (23) - added “superiority” to the block list.

先々月 (4) - added “year before last” and “the year before last” to the block list.

増える (21) - added “to decrease” to the block list.

正解 (21) - added “right answer” and “right” to allow list and added two context sentences.

洗練 (18) - added “refining” and “polishing” to allow list.

断る (21) - added “to turn down” and “to decline” to allow list and added two context sentences.

勝ち (11) - added “victor” to block list.

痛む (28) - added “to stoop” to block list.

融合 (31) - added “fission” to block list.

訓読み (18) - added “on’yomi,” “onyomi,”, and “on reading” to block list.

(24) - added “arms” to allow list.

Vocabulary Additions

More details here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Tofugu!


Thank you, Jenny!


thanks for all your work ^^

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Thank you, Jenny!

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I’m not positive this is one that needs blocked, but it feels like it to me. アメリカ人 will accept America as an answer.


Huh? :thinking:

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Thank you, @TofuguJenny ^-^


Added “America” to the block list :slight_smile:


@wanimekani thank Jenny

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I’ve definitely never done that one


Oh, and Thank you Jenny! :durtle_love:


Thank you @TofuguJenny! Any chance we can also have which vocab got collations added to the update list?


We definitely will! We just haven’t added more yet, because we’ve been working on improving the way they’re displayed first :slight_smile:


Hey Jenny I hope you’re doing well.

I haven’t quite got around to sending you guys my idea yet!

But I was wondering if you guys were going to release a Tofugu article covering how the pandemic is being handled in Japan? There may also be some case-specific words that are worth pointing out to learners that are being used throughout the pandemic.

I realise Tofugu isn’t a Japanese news site, but I’m sure a lot of things have been impacted during the pandemic, and it would be interesting to see it all from a Japanese perspective.

I was also wondering if the articles that have been posted on Tofugu are ever updated to match the current times? I haven’t really read much Tofugu yet, but I do plan to, I used it primarily for the Ultimate Katakana / Hiragana guide. I noticed some of the articles that are 2/3/4+ years old might have outdated information.

Finally, I have noticed that the last article in the “Japan” section was June 9th 2020. Is there the opportunity for some WaniKani members who may live in Japan to write some articles for Tofugu here and there if they wanted to. I myself would not be able to do this as I live in England, but I know there are some users on here that live in Japan such as @Axazel who may have some useful or cool experiences to share.

I’m not sure if they would want compensation however if they did I’m sure a “Journalist” sect title on WaniKani or membership would be enough to appease them. The community on this website is very helpful and awesome and so I’m sure there might be a few who live in Japan that wish to share their experiences or write an article, which you guys would obviously review prior to publishing.


Hi Lewby! Thanks for the questions and ideas :smiley:

We don’t have an article about the pandemic in the works - we’ve been concentrating on Japanese language related topics on the blog recently, so we’re not focussing on the “Japan” section. There’s also already quite a lot out there on the pandemic, so we didn’t feel we could add anything unique :slight_smile:

We did actually used to solicit article pitches, but we haven’t been doing that lately. I’d be happy to read through a pitch from a WaniKani user if they wanted to send one my way though (jenny.stainton@tofugu.com) :wink:

We try to keep our articles up-to-date, and we make updates based on readers’ suggestions every couple of months, so you notice anything in particular, let us know on hello@tofugu.com and we’ll add it to our list of updates!


Thanks Jenny! Sorry for spamming you.

I appreciate the swift reply :smiley: .

Hopefully one day I’ll be in Japan and able to write my own article!


Haha, it wasn’t spam!

I hope you will too :crossed_fingers:t2: