WaniKani Content Additions: Wednesday August 9th - Wednesday September 20th 2023

Hi y’all, hope everyone is staying cool and safe!

Just a heads-up, we’ll be adding some new items to WaniKani over the course of next seven weeks. The first batch will be going live next week — August 9th, 2023.

As usual, there won’t be any site downtime, and you don’t need to do anything to get the new items. Just wait, and they will show up in your lessons if you’re on the level of the item or above.

Here’s a list of the new additions as well as the related movement items. Happy studying!

Wednesday, August 9, 2023 - Published


  • Level 2: 田んぼ (たんぼ) - Rice Paddy
  • Level 5: 上手い (うまい) - Good At
  • Level 7: 正月 (しょうがつ) - New Year
  • Level 10: 教わる (おそわる) - To Learn Something From Someone
  • Level 14: (ぎょう) - Line of Text
  • Level 16: 悪化 (あっか) - Deterioration
  • Level 25: 現役 (げんえき) - Actively Working

Wednesday, August 16, 2023 - Published


  • Level 3: 生ビール (なまびーる) - Draft Beer
  • Level 9: 下る (くだる) - To Go Down
  • Level 13: 空く (あく) - To Become Empty
  • Level 15: 疑う (うたがう) - To Doubt
  • Level 18: (kanji) - Connect
  • Level 18: 繋がる (つながる) - To Connect
  • Level 25: 肩こり (かたこり) - Shoulder Stiffness


  • Level 44: 缶 (radical) - moving down to level 13
  • Level 44: 缶 (kanji) - moving down to level 13
  • Level 44: 空き缶 - moving down to level 13
  • Level 44: 缶ビール - moving down to level 13

Wednesday, August 23, 2023 - Published


  • Level 5: 三日月 (みかづき) - Crescent Moon
  • Level 10: 去る (さる) - To Leave
  • Level 15: 下りる (おりる) - To Go Down
  • Level 20: 繋ぐ (つなぐ) - To Connect Something
  • Level 23: 雨戸 (あまど) - Shutter


  • Level 34: 降 (kanji) - moving down to level 22
  • Level 34: 降車 - moving down to level 22
  • Level 34: 降る - moving down to level 28
  • Level 36: 降りる - moving down to level 23
  • Level 38: 降ろす - moving down to level 25

Wednesday, August 30, 2023 - Published


  • Level 5: 代金 (だいきん) - Cost
  • Level 5: 三十代 (さんじゅうだい) - One’s Thirties
  • Level 9: 明かり (あかり) - Light
  • Level 16: 行列 (ぎょうれつ) - Line
  • Level 25: 問う (とう) - To Question Something
  • Level 28: (kanji) - Complete
  • Level 28: 揃う (そろう) - To Be Complete


  • Level 4: 代 (kanji) - moving up to level 5
  • Level 4: 代用 - moving up to level 6
  • Level 4: 一代 - moving up to level 12
  • Level 4: 代わる - moving up to level 7
  • Level 6: 代わり - moving up to level 8
  • Level 6: 代える - moving up to level 10

Wednesday, September 6, 2023 - Published


  • Level 9: 立場 (たちば) - Standpoint
  • Level 14: 毛皮 (けがわ) - Fur
  • Level 16: 問い合わせる (といあわせる) - To Inquire
  • Level 30: 揃える (そろえる) - To Arrange Something
  • Level 35: 雨天 (うてん) - Rainy Weather
  • Level 36: (kanji) - Fry
  • Level 36: 炒める (いためる) - To Fry

Wednesday, September 13, 2023 - Published


  • Level 7: 仕組み (しくみ) - System
  • Level 15: 受け入れる (うけいれる) - To Accept Something
  • Level 16: 手軽 (てがる) - Simple And Easy
  • Level 19: 一昨年 (おととし) - Year Before Last
  • Level 38: 炒る (いる) - To Roast
  • Level 39: 梅雨 (つゆ) - Rainy Season

Wednesday, September 20, 2023 - Published


  • Level 9: 受け取る (うけとる) - To Receive Something
  • Level 14: 明らか (あきらか) - Obvious
  • Level 16: 生じる (しょうじる) - To Occur
  • Level 25: 素直 (すなお) - Honest
  • Level 33: 天然 (てんねん) - Natural
  • Level 42: 炒飯 (ちゃーはん) - Fried Rice


  • Level 16: 取 (kanji) - moving down to level 6 (and changing the primary to kun’yomi reading)
  • Level 16: 取る- moving down to level 6
  • Level 16: 取れる - moving down to level 12
  • Level 18: 取り出す - moving down to level 7
  • Level 18: 切り取る - moving down to level 7
  • Level 18: 取り決め - moving up to level 27
  • Level 18: 取り分け - moving up to 47

Good to see some common words and kanji being added!

How are the devs? Are they alright?


Some very good additions! 問う stood out, I always thought it was weird that it was taught here. 繋 is also a decently common kanji.


When was the last time new kanji was added? It’s been a while.


I made a guess from 前 Radical coming down a few days ago. And also a not-long-ago forum thread.

Not sure about the official explanation.

繋ぐ too. Though this suggestion was ages ago.

Kanji being added regardless of Joyo list might be a nice move, actually.


My dictionary says “obedient, meek” is the first definition.

Maybe worth distinguishing this one from 値段? Perhaps “fee” would fit better?


Awesome additions! I had asked for that one and got answered that it was already planned, super happy to see it happening :slight_smile:


Kotobank lists the primary definition as 飾り気がなくありのままであるさま。素朴。質朴。followed by 心の正しいさま。ねじけた心、腹黒い心などを持っていないさま。正直。

“Obedient, meek” doesn’t pop up until definition number 3: 心や気だてが他に逆らわないで、おだやかなさま。ひねくれたところのないさま。従順。


Interesting. I checked another dictionary (国語辞書) and there “meek, obedient” don’t even show up. Weird :thinking:

Thanks for double-checking!

EDIT: I also had a look at 代金 out of curiosity and while there is some overlap with 値段, I get the feeling that the contexts in which 値段 and 代金 would be used are a little different.

Here’s a nice article which goes into the finer details of the differences: 「価格」「値段」「料金」「代金」「代価」「金額」の違いとは - 違いがわかる事典

So if one would want to highlight the uniqueness of 代金 that would be “cost” or “fee”, not “price”.


Nice, I was starting to fear that my streak would be reset with how few reviews I have these days :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, a lot of these additions are the words that I didn’t understand while reading the manga that I’m reading now! Very cool. Thank you, staff! :purple_heart:


I think it was at the end of last year.

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So if we had passed previous levels do we still get those new words?


Yes, we do.


EDICT based, I’m guessing? I wouldn’t recommend reading anything into the ordering of senses in the EDICT definition of a word – there is nothing in the editorial policy that says ordering of definitions matters. (In fact I wouldn’t recommend it for any dictionary unless you know the specific ordering principle, if any, it uses. The Oxford English Dictionary is “oldest first”, for instance, which often means the first few senses are obsolete or archaic.)


Thanks for bringing this up! I absolutely found it challenging to choose a definition for 代金. We have various synonyms like you listed and more, and they don’t always have perfect English equivalents, which was the case for 代金 too. It could be translated to price, cost, fee, payment, charge, etc., depending on the context.

The source you shared mainly talks about whether the word represents price as in value or whether it represents the cost you’re paying in return for getting something, but I think there are various perspectives we could use to argue what could be the most accurate definition of 代金. My concern about “cost” was that 代金 doesn’t have the meaning of “expense” (which is what comes to my mind when I hear “cost”), for example. But now you mentioned this, I realized that there are a few synonyms that we already teach on WaniKani and it would be nice to differentiate them with the primary meaning, or at least add an extra note in the meaning explanation. I’ll work on that. Thanks!


Are there (also, have there been) any deletions of content items to go along with the additions? In other words, is the overall number of items just increasing, or are there also deletions to balance things out?

Do deletions normally get announced like additions/movements?

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Deletions normally are announced, although hopefully with the opt out that might come out… in 2024? users might be able to use it on kanji/vocab too.


降 - moving down

I see what you did there


It’s very nice to see new content. Keep it coming please, and please add more kana words too.