Can we have options to throw vocabs away?

Just now i wanted to do new lessons. It seems like new words got introduced recently.
Im getting lessons for Kanji from level 4.
Like やまびこ or べっどのした.
This site really needs a way to throw Vocab away.
I dont want these. I dont need these. Let me skip them completely.
They are clogging up the lessons.


You cannot skip vocab unfortunately. But if you want you can use a reorder script and just neglect those unwanted vocab forever.

(Note that I‘m not suggesting to do this, I‘m just pointing out the technical options :wink: )


I know you cant skip them.
Thats im asking for a way to do so.
A way that does not involve me having to install third party apps or community mods.

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They’re doing an overhaul and adding items to complete the transitive/intransitive pairing they already have on WK. So, you’ll get more items coming. You’ll find the announcement here:


?? Well, that’s not how WK works. There are scripts though.


Yeah. Im already dreading that.
Those pairs are not separate vocabulary and should be taught as such.

Those scripts exist because the site itself does not offer sufficient options.


Are you claiming that all script features should be native features?


There were six lessons. That’s hardly clogging.

They release content updates like this in small batches precisely to avoid overloading people.


No. But the site itself has barely any options at all.
Some autoplay yes/no for the audio, batch size and email.

Why do i need a script to be able to get the radicals first instead of all the old vocab on a new level?
I would like to turn the changing icons for lessons and reviews off.
Or the entire review forecast.

Those are basic options to customize user experience.
Scripts are for highly specialized stuff.

If i was complaing on a higher level id ask why, even though i have the campfire muted, does it still show up in “recent community topics” on the main page.

The actual number is not whats relevant. I have about 40 old vocab that i would throw away instantly if i could.


It’d take you what, an hour at most to do that vocab? With all due respect, you’re complaining about more content being added to a system, which is usually a good thing.

Why do you want to throw it away? What makes it irrelevant to you?

You’d have to take that up with Discourse, who make the forum software used. The simple answer is that muting a category means you’ll never be notified about posts from it, but the ‘recent community topics’ list shows topics from the entire forum.


I don’t think they need more options. An incredibly small number of users install scripts; this seems to indicate that the general user does not require the features they provide

This is because the forum is hosted by Discourse and does not connect to the main website beyond it logging you in. I don’t think the recent topics panel is user specific



I have to look them up every time they come up all the way until burn.
Which wastes time.

They are either words that i feel i do not need or they are far too specialized to learn before encountering them in the wild.

Some are also nonsense in the way they are treated as vocab.
The best example is うまれる
If you know うむ and basic Godan rules you know うまれる automaticaly.
Learning both individualy makes not sense.


WaniKani isn’t a vocabulary learning site though. It’s a kanji learning site, so the vocabulary items only exist in this system to reinforce the readings. This being the case, I don’t see how any item is more or less worth your time than any other, in all honesty.

I’ve never found an item in all my time spent levelling that I’ve thought “oh boy, what a waste of time”


Yes. Ive read that quite a few times. And they dont teach grammar either.
Yet for some reason they now seem eager to make sure people arent overwhelmed by trans/intrans pairs.

Logicaly once have a Kanji down every Vocab containing it becomes useless.
Yes. The Vocab exists to pratice and reinforce the Kanji.
Which is eactly why i want to throw away vocab from 15 levels ago that suddenly turns up in my lessons.


All I can say is that with that attitude, you’re going to find the next 47 levels very unsatisfying. On the plus side, you’ve only got two more content updates coming below your level, then there’ll only be items ahead of you that you won’t notice being new.


My personal take as someone who has a separate level 60 account, I’ve never liked vocab “sentences.” I especially hate the subjectivity of the answer, any answer with three or more words. I always feel like I have to add 10 synonyms just so that I don’t write the wrong thing. I hate it. Granted the new additions are hard to put any other way but the provided answers, but in general I would actually appreciate a way to permanently disable personally disliked vocab, no matter the reason.


Overall yes but would be interesting to know what share of people who finished wk or at least got to lvl 50+ used scripts.

I haven’t discovered scripts until ~lvl 10-15. And even then it took me some time to actually decide to use them. I never used Greasemonkey and userscripts and had to educate myself about them and potential security risks.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t want the features. E.g. I couldn’t plan my daily schedule efficiently without the Ultimate Timeline. Now though the review forecast provides similar functionality and I bet many people who never used scripts benefit from it.


Just my own perspective, but personally the lack of options is a positive point for base Wanikani, not necessarily a detriment. Having something I don’t need to fuss over and customize at all to still learn a ton and have a good time was really nice. But then I started at absolute 0, don’t encounter words and kanji unless I seek them out, had plenty of free time (so wasn’t worried about time efficiency), and clicked with the presentation. So the default worked just fine for me, and the only script I ever installed was I think a better forecast script when the level 50+ reviews got intense (I checked and there were a couple other minor ones. I forgot ‘42+’ was ever a thing… now the default forecast is much better I doubt I would have installed any at all). Others’ experiences will naturally vary.

Having an option to omit vocab (“throw away” sounds harsh…) I think would be a perfect use-case for a script, but like the “take back” script for undoing mistakes from typos, if it were in the site by default I’d be worried about abusing it. It would be much easier to remove a leech than actually learn it, after all. Or I could imagine missing a burn review and then omitting the vocab out of spite…
That’s the benefit of the scripts system I think - the customization is available for everyone, but the core system of the main site is preserved.

That said, the feedback is valid and if a feature is implemented in either the site or a script to address it I’d welcome it!
But in the meantime if it helps at all, the way I personally console myself about “unnecessary” reviews is if I really don’t need the reinforcement, they’ll go very quickly and help make my stats look good. And if they don’t do that… maybe I needed the reinforcement after all.


How much time is ベッドの下 going to waste? Maybe one minute in total, for all the reviews, from Apprentice to Burn? A few seconds for meaning, a few for reading, a total of 8 times. One whole minute out of the year or two or however long of doing WK?

In any event, WaniKani is a turnkey system. There are pros and cons to this. On the pro side you get something built up for you without having to fish around for compiling the kanji and vocabulary yourself, with a slick UI, and a pretty good spectrum of material that’s covered.

But, you don’t get to pick and choose what you do or don’t learn. It is what it is. If someone truly absolutely thought they needed to have 100% control over all of this, they could go do an Anki deck instead.

To be honest, I think if people had the option to throw away vocabulary they didn’t like they’d probably overdo it, to their own detriment. The more reps you get on something the better, and you’re forced to learn how to deal with challenging words or leeches rather than take the lazy way out.