...what the heck is going on here level 51?

Dude… I burned that things like a million years ago… am I going insane or something… don’t answer that, I am… as can be seen here: The Truth of WaniKani Levels

However… nevermind that.

I don’t remember relearning it? Why is it there?

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As far as I understand it’s because they changed what level it appears in. It used to be a low level kanji but they moved it to level 51 (i think because a lot of the time it’s just spelled in kana, not kanji? Or something?). And that’s why it showed up again for you, even if you’ve already burned it.


It’s been moved. I’m level 21 and I’ve learned 又 which is currently a level 51 kanji.

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Yup, WaniKani makes little changes to their content all the time, and you can see some recent ones here: WaniKani Content Additions: Ongoing from April 29, 2021

On August 26, they moved 又 from level 2 to level 51. They explained the reasoning behind it in this reply to the thread:

We originally put 又 in a low level because of its visual simplicity, but over the years we noticed that beginners tend to use 又 in simple expressions like またね, which are always written in kana. To avoid the confusion, we decided to make an exception for 又 and move it up to a much higher level! This won’t happen often, it just makes sense in this particular case :slight_smile: