Updated List of non-Jouyou kanji covered by WaniKani

Hi, does anyone have an up to date list of all the non-Jouyou kanji covered on here?

I found this post from 2019 Does wanikani have any 人名用/jinmeiyou kanji? - #5 by Belthazar

However it seems the site has added additional kanji since then based on this post WaniKani Content Additions: Ongoing from April 29, 2021 (which includes at least one hyougai character 噛)


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Level 2: 々
Level 10: 頁
Level 14: 狼 苺
Level 18: 叩 飴
Level 23: 痒 贅
Level 25: 莫
Level 28: 綺
Level 30: 濡
Level 33: 噂 屁
Level 34: 咳
Level 35: 喋 噌 醤
Level 36: 鮭
Level 38: 噛
Level 39: 斐
Level 40: 嬉
Level 41: 喧 嘘 嘩 墟
Level 44: 笠
Level 45: 也 翔
Level 46: 吾 庄 鳩
Level 47: 伊
Level 50: 堰 淀 蟹 鰐
Level 51: 亮 聡 蓮
Level 52: 乃 綾 輔 隼 颯
Level 53: 曙 瓜 緋 胡 莉 葵 蒙 諒 駿 鯉
Level 54: 呆 杏 栞 茜 阿
Level 55: 之 勿 昌 瑛 遼 龍
Level 56: 凛 嘉 智 柴 蝶 遥 靖
Level 57: 哉 楓 烏 萌 蒼
Level 58: 凌 瑞 菅
Level 59: 梓
Level 60: 漣 狐
should be these


@Belthazar get to work


Thanks, I hope that’s everything.

Edit: I think they add up to 68 jinmeiyou and 14 hyougai (I ignored the repetition marker though)

Edit 2: Ignoring the repeater, 2073-82 is 1991. This page lists 145 Jouyou kanji that aren’t taught on WaniKani. 1991+145 is 2136 (the total number of Jouyou characters), so the 82 non-Jouyou characters listed in this thread should indeed be complete.

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I suspect that one’s not in the jouyou list because the makers of the list didn’t consider it to be a kanji at all… (Also I’m a bit surprised WK puts it as low as level two.)


Kinda looks to me like the job’s done, here.

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