Ideas for new / missing kanji, associated vocabulary

Hello WK!

On my limited anime journeys, I’ve uncovered some kanjis and vocabulary that upon cross-referencing with WK were not there. I use a Japanese dictionary for translations and I realize that WK perhaps can’t possibly cover everything, but is it okay to suggest said missing kanji / vocabulary items somewhere?

I sent those over to hello@WK but wonder if that’s the best way to go about it or if I should?

Thanks for the help, and the amazing community here at WK! List of words in no particular order is found below:

いつか or 何時か
ように or 様に
めぐり合う or 巡り会う
戯談 reading for 冗談
為る reading for 成る
完璧 or 完ぺき
保護 as noun without the する
商店 meaning without the 街
失礼をば example with 失礼
失礼します example with 失礼
失礼至極 example 避るwith 失礼
失礼千万 example with 失礼
延々 reading for 延
永々 reading for 永
この後 for 後
去る or 避る
爆ぜる or 罅ぜる
お昼 or 御昼 reading for 昼
ただ reading for 直
お話 reading for 話
仕方のない as alternative to 仕方がない
若しかして or もしかして reading for 若
恐がり and 恐がる meaning for 恐
怖がり meaning for 怖
そわそわ/どきどき/わくわ/ちくちく/ぼちぼち,…-expressions of emotions, even though they’re not Kanji, strictly speaking :slight_smile:


They’re currently looking to add more vocab (see this thread WaniKani Content Additions: Weekly from April 29, 2021).

@TofuguJenny what would be the best way to suggest that kind of changes?

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The best way is to email us on but I’ll add these to our list to look into :slight_smile:


Thank you! That is exactly what I did!

There’s one more I just came across
決して vocabulary for 決

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Just glancing at the list, I think WK may have some of these but not combined. Regarding 大切な人 for example, WK has 大切 and it is listed as a noun, な adjective.


Yes, that is correct. Several of them. This is something I am aware of but this might still be a useful list for WK to go through and pick some of the items they like :slight_smile: It may not always be obvious, though the one you pick definitely is. BUT, it would still be a useful expression to include in the vocab I think because not everyone (me included!) actually knew it existed like this.

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What does this mean? We learn 話, so what would be gained by teaching お話 as well?

They already get lots of complaints about “repetitive” vocab.

This would basically involve WK teaching grammar, if they were going to explain to people that you can replace が with の in relative clauses. You couldn’t just list this as a alternative with no additional explanation, because it requires the item to be used as a relative clause.

This is a kanji that isn’t in the jouyou list. It isn’t even in the jinmeiyou list. It’s a Kanken level 1 kanji. This would be like… The final super hard challenge question on a quiz show type word.


I mean, there are thousands of vocabulary words and kanji not covered in WK. Goal isn’t necessarily to cover anywhere near everything, but a pretty good core subset.

With that said it’s good to make note of these things for yourself!


Fair points! Thanks for pointing it out.

Regarding 語, you’re right. A more distinctive one in that case, like 物語 would probably make more sense.

Regarding the No and Ka particles, they could simply mention that with some words you can use both and what they’re, very briefly. There are occasional explanations of the sort on WK when needed already.

WK does teach 物語…?

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Ah, you’re right. Sumimasen.

Regarding 吝か, it seemed like a useful word to know, even if it doesn’t consist of common Kanji, it is a word that was used. At any rate, like I said, maybe some of these suggested items will be useful. My intentions were good :sweat_smile:

Well, sure… though usually I believe it’s typically in the form of ~にやぶさかでない

As others said, if the site contained everything that could be argued to be useful, it would be many times larger than it already is. That is to say, there’s nothing specifically about most of the words in your list that means they shouldn’t be included. Just that the whole picture and how much content people are going to be asked to do in aggregate is also important.

They said they’d consider them, but I guess just keep your expectations low. They probably aren’t going to do many massive expansions from here on out.

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I won’t. These are just suggestions after all. WK is still invaluable to me in the pursuit of Japanese Kanji :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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