WaniKani Content Additions: Tuesday, October 24th, 2023 - Tuesday, November 21st, 2023

Hi, y’all! Is everyone enjoying the fall? :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: :mushroom:

Just a heads-up, we’ll be adding some new items to WaniKani over the course of the next five weeks. The first batch will be going live next week — October 24th, 2023.

As usual, there won’t be any site downtime, and you don’t need to do anything to get the new items. Just wait, and they will show up in your lessons if you’re on the level of the item or above.

Here’s a list of the new additions as well as the related movement items. Happy studying!

Tuesday, October 24, 2023 - Published



Tuesday, October 31, 2023 - Published



Tuesday, November 7, 2023 - Published



Tuesday, November 14, 2023 - Published



  • Level 49: ç´« (kanji) - moving down to level 23
  • Level 49: ç´« - moving down to level 23
  • Level 49: 紫色 - moving down to level 23

Tuesday, November 21, 2023 - Published




Please add these two vocabulary words to WK.

朝食 (ちょうしょく) Breakfast

朝食付き Breakfast included


Nice kanji addition, but I’m confused why not adding the vocab 蘇る too. I think it’s more common than 蘇生 or 紫蘇.


Looking forward to あさって、世話、紅葉、and ~ヵ月! And I hope 十分 will include things like sufficient/satisfactory/plenty.

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It appears that some of the movements under November 14th are duplicated from October 24th:

Also, bit of a silly ask, but could “ereyesterday” be added as an accepted answer for 一昨日 and “overmorrow” for 明後日? Yes, I know they aren’t used, but they exist and are faster to type than the full “day before yesterday” and “day after tomorrow”. Perfectly fine if not, I will just continue to make use of the synonym feature for this.


This is on our radar! Thanks for the suggestions. :+1:

It’s on our list! Thanks for the suggestion :+1:

Sufficient and plenty are in the allowlist! I can see “satisfactory” being added, but let me talk to the team and make the decision.

Update: Sorry, I realized that we already had sufficient and plenty as visible meanings and satisfactory in the allowlist!

You’re right — thank you for catching it! I’ve just removed the duplication on Nov 14th :+1:

I could bring it to the team! Until we have a decision (as we don’t know when we can get to it) - if you could add it as a user symptom, that would be great.


Just noticed, this would have us learning 紅葉 before 紅

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The 紅 that we are planning to move is this one and it’s a vocabulary item, so you will be learning the kanji 紅 (with the こう reading) still at level 34 :+1:

Sorry it was a little confusing! Unless specified, the list shows vocabulary items. Hope it makes sense!


Hello, I’ve been missing the super common word:


As for when asking to pay at a restaurant.
It makes sense to me to be added.
Thanks in advance!


I’m happy that we’re going to get some vocabulary with ヶ.

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How could WaniKani be teaching 々 but not ヶ?

Will WaniKani eventually teach vocabularies without introducing all Kanji first?

Thank you, @TofuguKanae -san!

[Edit: Ah, hehe :sweat_smile: Uh, please ignore my duplicate issue to what @hotdogsuplex already posted… ]

I think I spotted a possible mistake. It's probably not difficult to fix, but notice that 紅 is first moved from level 34 to 39, but then later on the vocab 紅葉, which uses 紅, is added down at level 34.... but 紅 will have already been moved to 39 by then! :sweat_smile:

I noticed the same thing, but the 紅 that’s being moved is the vocabulary, not the kanji (see post #8)


The first batch published :tada:


@wct @hotdogsuplex hehe no worries, I appreciate your very thorough check!


Dang I’m on level 49 and was set to level up in a couple days but since they added a new kanji in there that I have to level up as well I won’t be leveling up until Saturday. Weird coincidence

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Which one? I’m not seeing it.

Thought this was a reply to another post. The kanji was 准; I’m on level 49 right now so I have to level it up in order to progress

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Very useful additions in here, well done and thank you!

I encounter that one regularly in games but often with the kunyomi 蘇る which I do not to see in the additions.

Here it is in the intro to Castlevania SotN (悪魔城ドラキュラX):

And here in hiragana in Final Fantasy VI:

The fact that I managed to immediately conjure these specific examples is very normal and very cool btw.

EDIT: Oh I just noticed that @Arzar33 made the same point above. Sorry for the noise.


Yeah, it’s definitely weird that 蘇る isn’t in the additions. I’d honestly say that that’s the most important word for that kanji.