Level 3 vocab in level 24?

Hello WK world - is anyone able to offer some insight as to why, in level 24, I’m seeing new vocab from level 3, 4, and 10 in my queue? I’ve never seen this happen before. I burned 下 ages ago. I feel like I’m missing something important here :sweat_smile: Thanks so much!

It’s new stuff!


why do you reorder lessons and reviews?


For lessons some of us prefer to take the new kanji and radicals from the new level before we do the vocabulary lessons from the end of the last level. So long as you intend to do the vocab lessons over the following days, there’s no harm in this and it allows you to level faster.

For views it’s a personal choice, some people prefer to take items in level order, some in SRS stage order, some in the intended random order. So long as you’re doing items near to the time they come up for review, you’re not doing any harm to your memory.


I only reorder lessons, and not always to put the kanji and radicals in front (sometimes it means to put them forwards, others it is to put vocab in front). My strategy is to distribute the vocab as evenly as possible through the days, so I usually do a mix of vocab and kanji/radicals (some days I only have vocab left, obviuously, as there are much more vocab items than kanji/radicals) as it works better for both retention and time-efficiency.

Ooooo thanks so much!

I’m the opposite. I will do everything from the previous level before even touching new. And when I do new levels, vocab takes priority.

Sure, some people are vey much in that came, which is why I said “some of us” ^-^

It very much depends what kind of speed you’re looking to go at.

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I made an abrupt switch from “method that levels up faster” to “take it slow, finish prior level first” at level 50. I was suddenly getting overwhelmed (in part from having done a few recent levels in 4-5 days). Now ironically the “fast levels” are gonna by my slowest. :stuck_out_tongue:


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