Tobira study group

Would any of you be interested in a study group for Tobira? Working through a chapter per week together?

Looks like there are a few who would like to work through Tobira together. Yay!

At two weeks per chapter, the schedule looks like this:

Chapter 1: April 20 to May 3 - chapter 1 thread here
Chapter 2: May 4 to May 17 - chapter 2 thread here
Chapter 3: May 18 to May 31 - chapter 3 thread here
Chapter 4: June 1 to June 14 - chapter 4 thread here
Chapter 5: June 15 to June 28 - chapter 5 thread here

BREAK AND CATCH UP: June 29 to July 12

Chapter 6: July 13 to July 26 - chapter 6 thread here
Chapter 7: July 27 to August 9 - chapter 7 thread here
Chapter 8: August 10 to August 23 - chapter 8 thread here
Chapter 9: August 24 to September 6 - chapter 9 thread here
Chapter 10: September 7 to September 20 - chapter 10 thread here

BREAK AND CATCH UP: September 21 to October 4

Chapter 11: October 5 to October 18 - chapter 11 thread here
Chapter 12: October 19 to November 1 - chapter 12 thread here
Chapter 13: November 2 to November 15 - chapter 13 thread here
Chapter 14: November 16 to November 29 - chapter 14 thread here
Chapter 15: November 30 to December 13 - chapter 15 thread here

A couple of useful links:
Tobira web, where you can find extra exercises and audio materials for the book:

Link to the main textbook on Amazon:


Yes I am! I’ve only just started the first chapter though, so I don’t know yet if I could do a chapter every week though – I was planning to aim for one chapter every 2 weeks.

EDIT: I wonder if @AuraGuio or @kmurgs might be interested too? (They have Tobira too :blush:)


I definitely am, but I’m currently not in possession of my textbook :frowning: I’ll keep an eye on you guys and see if I can catch up whenever I am reunited with my stuff!


One chapter every two weeks is fine with me!

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By the way, is this about the “regular” Tobira or the grammar exercise book? I’ll gladly join whichever.

If its about the regular Tobira, I’ve finished the book (just reading the articles, 1 chapter a day so I did not actually answered any exercise because it’s just self study :sweat_smile:) but I still have many questions so I want to join!

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Yes I would love to. I just started Tobira. So this is good timing. I would prefer a chapter a week but breaking it down to a chapter every two weeks is fine too.

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I think I’ll work on the “regular” book for week 1 and grammar and kanji for week 2 if we do one chapter per 2 weeks.

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I edited the first post in this thread to put in a tentative schedule for the first 5 chapters. Let’s see how it works out!

We’ll start next Monday, April 20, and work on the first chapter for 2 weeks. If you want to work on the main book for 2 weeks, that’s fine. If you want to work on the main book for the first week and the grammar and/or kanji book for the second week that’s also fine.


I’d also be totally fine following behind at my chapter-every-fortnight pace if more people prefer the new-chapter-every-week pace! Maybe any questions I’d have would already be answered :blush:

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Sounds like a poll is in order!

Do you want to spend one week or two weeks on each chapter? I’ll let the poll run until Saturday, and then we can find out what the schedule looks like on Sunday, before we start on Monday April 20.

  • One week per chapter
  • Two weeks per chapter

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I also just started with chapter 1 a week ago! I was planing to take it slower even than 2 weeks per chapter because I prefer to read/listen to other stuff, but if there will be a study group I will do my best to stick with you guys :grin:

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I’m in! I’m on chapter 2 but the scheduling for this fits me perfectly and I have been having a lot of trouble jumping back into grammar lately :sweat_smile:


I want to join! (Thanks for remember me @skymaiden :grin: ).

I like the idea of work on the main book during the first week and grammar/kanji book during the second week but maybe some people don’t have the grammar/kanji book :disappointed_relieved:

Anyway I’m fine with whatever people decide


At the risk of asking a dumb question, which specific Tobira book will everyone be starting with? I’ve seen a few Tobira books so don’t want to buy the wrong one by mistake.

I think it might be a good idea to put links to the relevant links in the first post?


There is one main textbook, which is all you really need.

In addition to the main textbook, there are 3 more books. One for grammar, one for kanji and a teacher’s guide. The grammar book contains exercises for grammar. All the explainations are in the main textbook so you only need it if you want to do extra exercises. The kanji book if good if you want to work on kanji and the teacher’s guide contains scripts and answers to the questions in the main textbook. You don’t really need this. Does that help?


I think I prefer this too. For those who don’t have the kanji and grammar books there are also exercises on the Tobira web site.

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The Tobira study group sounds great. i have the book already and think one chapter every two weeks is perfect.

When life gets in the way, the two week option leaves a bit of extra space.


I’ll join as well. It’s always more fun and helpful to study with others.


I would also be interested to join, but I don’t know how study group works on Wanikani ? :c


I’m studying this book in my Third Year Japanese Uni class! Feel free to message me with any questions from chapters 1-4!