Tobira study group - chapter 13

This is the thread for chapter 13 of Tobira. Our home thread for this study group is here .

As usual we’ll spend 2 weeks going through chapter 13. I see that there are no post in the chapter 12 thread, so I think many are unable to keep up now, myself included. Please remember that the threads are there still in a week or a month or longer, and it’s OK to keep using the threads later. Hopefully they’ll be a resource later too, and not just for this one study group.

Here is the link to the Tobira web site where you can find recordings of the main text and dialogues in each chapter plus kanji and grammar resources.

Who will study chapter 13 of Tobira the next 2 weeks?

  • I will study chapter 13 now
  • I will study chapter 13 later

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Anybody studying 13th lesson?

In japan besides Haiku, there are also poems called waka and tanka, which are made up of 31 sounds of 5757.
and the person who makes haiku is called “haijin” where as the person who makes tanka is called a “kajin”.
Waka-tanka history is older than the haiku, the first person who made it said to be the younger brother of Amaterasu A mythical figure Susanoo-no-Mikoto,

Bump for 2021 study group:
Chapter 13: November 8 to November 21

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