Tobira study group - chapter 9

This is the thread for chapter 9 of Tobira. Our home thread for this study group is here .

As usual we’ll spend 2 weeks going through chapter 9.

Here is the link to the Tobira web site where you can find recordings of the main text and dialogues in each chapter plus kanji and grammar resources.

Who will study chapter 9 of Tobira the next 2 weeks?

  • I will study chapter 9 now
  • I will study chapter 9 later

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@Marifly There are a few typos in the first post that you might want to fix. I hope other people turn up soon so that you’re not the only one on the forum studying the chapter. :slight_smile: If it’s any comfort, I’m on Chapter 10 now, so I’m not too far away. (Though I might try to push through a few chapters rapidly over the next few hours, so we’ll see.) I was hoping to power through Tobira over the summer, but various things got in the way. Anyhow, 頑張ってね!

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Fixed the typos. Thank you, @Jonapedia!

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This chapter’s main text is really long! How has everyone found the first main text? I took me a long time to read through it and listening along to it!
I’ve watched the videos - it was nice to get two videos with this chapter. The “language partner” has videos for this chapter which I went through - I don’t know if anyone is doing them but I find them helpful for extra listening and speaking practise. :slight_smile:


I haven’t watched the videos yet - like you, I spent a looong time going through the text! I don’t find the grammar too difficult, but the kanji and vocab are a problem. I have to look at the vocab list and look up words on jisho all the time. According to a list that I found, when I get to level 20 on WK, I should know more than 50% of Tobira’s kanji, and when I get to level 35, I should know 95% of Tobira’s kanji. In a way, that makes me want to go over the book again next year when I have reached a higher WK level just to see what I can pick up with regards to grammar when I don’t have to look up that many kanji.


Same here! I notice from the last chapter there was a lot I didn’t know and been getting harder for me… I need to work more faster on Wanikani but you’re very close to 20! :smiley:
Thanks for that helpful info, I certainly want to go over Tobira again at a higher WK level as well. I don’t find Tobira boring so I’m happy to go over it again!


I didn’t start this chapter until today (was on holiday last week), but just finished the main text tonight – and found it super interesting! I’m so glad I didn’t grow up in a country where academic results from such a young age influence the rest of your life :open_mouth:

It wasn’t a quick read for me, but I did manage to read most words and guess others – so I can confirm that the density of dictionary lookups is much more comfortable at around WK level 30 (about 1000 guru’d kanji and about 3000 guru’d vocab).
Sometimes I wasn’t sure I understood things properly because it all sounds so extreme, but reading further and checking the dictionary for some words confirmed my understanding was right most of the time :sparkles:

Thanks for the heads up on the videos, I keep forgetting to check those!


Thanks for your info! No wonder I was struggling at my level I’m only on level 12. :scream: I feel more motivated to keep going though knowing I’ll be able to read it better at a higher WK level. :blush: (More like I’m super stubborn and won’t give up!)
I feel lucky as well for that, I don’t think I could handle the stress ~ I was awful at almost everything at school so I would’ve been in trouble! :grin:
The two videos were interesting, it’s just a shame about the quality… :sweat_smile:
It’s sounds like you did really well on this chapter, it certainly wasn’t an easy one! :+1:


You’re :muscle: for pushing through such dense readings! :sparkles:

It’s slow-going for me too, I still need to re-read sentences and look up words – but I’m slowly getting better at using the radical lookup on Jisho.

But the texts are interesting and it feels like we’re making progress!


I’ve been self studying for about 13 years now so that helps though I still feel like a beginner at times. :grin: Tobira helps me feel like I’m making some progress and it’s great thinking we’ve already halfway done and should finish this year!
I’ve ended up bookmarking Jisho - I’ve been using Zkanji all this time but I love the look of Jisho and it having the kanji’'s WK level! :heart_eyes_cat:


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Chapter 9: August 30 to September 12

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