Tobira Friends


Hello everyone - recently purchased Tobira, just starting level 20 WK.
Im self studying, after having formal classes a few years ago. I was hoping to find someone who would like to make their way through Tobira (or even a group), maybe a few pages to a chapter a week. I’m a medical doctor, so sometimes find it hard to study everyday, but try to find as many hours as I can.


I did two-thirds of Tobira at university. Probably should finish the rest someday…


I totally would join you, but I am currently blasting through Genki (roughly a chapter a day as a refresher). I would definitely follow up with you when I get to Tobira.


Tobira is so dry. I couldn’t imagine doing a whole chapter a week (especially if you’re doing the exercises from the grammar exercise book too).


I thought most of the texts were pretty interesting… I didn’t even look at the exercises, though :sweat_smile:


I’m still working through Genki 2 right now, but I plan on working through Tobira at some point after I finish. I would join you after I was done with Genki, but I’ll be working towards the N4 after I finish. Gotta get gud at that listen and reading.


I read the first two without problem, and they were somewhat interesting. But the exercises are dreadful…


I’m so down to go over Tobira too. I’ve been postponing doing it forever now… read some chapters here and there, but never fully went through it. I’m quite busy with work as well, but a few pages to a chapter a week seems like something reasonable/achievable for me too!


People do exercises? I thought it was just extra paper to make textbooks longer.


I’ll be happy to join, but it might be a few weeks before I can start. I’ve been on a break from studying, and it will probably be best to review some grammar before diving in.

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Tobira was what helped me pass N3. I also did it on my own, alone. One day for the reading and then one day for the exercise. Tbh, the exercises were really dry but it helped a lot.


… One day… …I have to finish Genki first…


I like grammar books and love Tobira. It took me a while to adjust to its pace coming from the Genki series but after the second chapter it became more bearable and I began enjoying it a lot. It’s one of my favourite reading comprehension materials out there and with a bit of imagination you can easily do the exercises that require two people.

The content is actually fun and covers broad aspects of Japanese culture from sports to festivities to manga, an improvement in my opinion from the stuff just centered around university life found in Genki.

The main problem at the beginning is it has loads of text but after getting used to it the book becomes better!

Doing a chapter a week, including exercises, can be challenging for someone working or studying, but doable, I think.


I’m jealous.


Haha, I don’t know who these people are, certainly not me though! But I like reading through textbooks.

I just restarted Tobira and I’m still in chapter 1 because I’m very focused on WaniKani at the moment. I want to finish WK as soon as possible (I’ve been here two years already, I want to finally finish it!) and then afterwards focus on something else. (Reading and Anki, that‘s the plan for now; I’ll catch up to the konbini ningen book club at christmas probably :wink:).

I hope the grammar in Tobira won’t be too challenging because I went through some N3 preparation grammar books and I should at least be familiar with a large percentage already. One chapter per week might still be too fast for me because I don’t have a ton of time and focus left for me. But if there was a group that did Tobira, I would happily join and try to keep up and see how it goes.


I’d be interested in joining in, but I doubt I can progress very fast and won’t have time to start until September probably :sweat_smile: so I could just try to catch up.


I’d join! need motivation. The kanji is a little tough for me in it.


What’s the best way to organise this??
A group on here? Whatsapp? LINE?

It sounds like there a lot of people interest, looking at the replies, it seems maybe three chapters a month might be good??

Looking forward to getting to know you, I’m pretty isolated here in my studies and would love to introduce a social aspect to it.



We could be the founding members of the Tobira friends Foundation for people who want to use Tobira but have lots of other things to do too…


I love grammar books also, I feel like I’m progressing tangibly in a language when I use them…