Tobira study group - chapter 8

This is the thread for chapter 8 of Tobira. Our home thread for this study group is here .

As usual we’ll spend 2 weeks going through chapter 8.

Here is the link to the Tobira web site where you can find recordings of the main text and dialogues in each chapter plus kanji and grammar resources.

Who will study chapter 8 of Tobira the next 2 weeks?

  • I will study chapter 8 now
  • I will study chapter 8 later

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Last chapter was really long, but this chapter is a lot shorter. I think I’ll be able to get through it before we start chapter 9! The main text was interesting this time too. Lots of unknown vocab so I have to go through it a few times to make sure that I understand everything.

The thread is really quiet now. How are you doing? Have you found a way to study Tobira that works for you?


I did find this chapter shorter as well and I agree it was more interesting compared. :grinning: I found it a lot harder so I really needed to go over the vocab list - their Anki deck is very useful! I’m planning on re-reading again just before starting on the next chapter.
I went through chapter 1 and 2 again with a tutor to make sure I understood everything - I’ve got to do the 5 questions on chapter 2 for homework… serves me right for skipping the exercises! :sweat_smile: I did do all of chapter 1’s exercises then I got lazy!

I’ve been mostly doing the same study method, read, underline in pencil words I don’t know, read along while listening to audio, read vocab list, read and listen to vocab audio, pretend I didn’t see any exercises, read through grammar points and bunpro about 2 grammar points a day. I will also re-read at some point much later after finishing the chapter just to refresh my memory. :smile: I find it’s nice when rereading the text much later I can understand the word I previously underlined. :blush:


I found the main reading of this chapter quite dense (lots of unknown-to-me vocab, long tricky sentences) – so I kept putting off reading it until now. I had to refer to the vocab list quite a lot, and read over some parts multiple times to make sense of it – but otherwise yeah it’s a short chapter!

Sometimes I wish they were longer so they could go into more detail (would have enjoyed texts about traditional music for example).


Ah, I actually thought the forum would alert me when someone posted something here, given I had interacted with the poll… odd. Guess I have to actually put it to Watching in that case.

Anyway, the chapter was interesting. I was pretty curious when I first looked at the text and my brain only saw “diabetes” and “natural killer cells”, haha :laughing:


I didn’t notice watching option! :scream: :scream: :scream: (Quickly rushes to change it) Thanks for mentioning that - I’m still such a newbie on the forums. :sweat_smile:

@skymaiden Oh me too,I wasn’t too sure if I’ll be able to get through it ok - Oh but well done for managing to tackle this tricky chapter! :+1: … I’m worried what the other chapters are like since it’s getting harder now but I’m determine to finish this book! I know I’ll thanks myself for it in the future. :grin:


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Chapter 8: August 16 to August 29

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