Tobira study group - chapter 10

This is the thread for chapter 10 of Tobira. Our home thread for this study group is here .

As usual we’ll spend 2 weeks going through chapter 10. After the 2 weeks, we’ll take a 2 weeks break before starting the last 5 chapters. I think many of us need some time to catch up!

Here is the link to the Tobira web site where you can find recordings of the main text and dialogues in each chapter plus kanji and grammar resources.

Who will study chapter 10 of Tobira the next 2 weeks?

  • I will study chapter 10 now
  • I will study chapter 10 later

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I was glad the main text was more shorter this time - I seem to had found it more easier to understand compared to the last chapter or at least I knew a lot more of the vocabulary words. :thinking:
Though it seems 会話練習2 モデル会話 website audio - Mike just says “sugoi ne” and that’s it and just missed out the rest of the sentence in the book. :sweat_smile:
I enjoyed the main video, made me miss konbini shops a lot. I went through language partner as well, felt it was a bit odd for someone to study Japanese and live there and not know what an Ekiben was much as he actually went to the station and brought it. :thinking:

I’m going through the 3rd chapter again as well, mainly just underlining what I can’t understand or not confident at and using their anki deck again.

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