A diary from level 1 to level 60

Hi everyone. I got to level 2 of wani a few days ago. The experience was great by the way.

I start this topic to mark my progress everytime I level up. Hope I can make it to 60 and far more (like the levels for the missing Kanjis, though it is too early for me to say this :blush: ).

About myself: I started learning Japanese about 2 years ago and got JLPT N4 last December. I’m currently studying for N3 and plan to take it in July. Although I decide to commit to Wani a bit late but I have learned (or re-learned :smile: ) some great words I don’t know till now.

I wish to make friends with everyone who is using Wani. Hope we can make progress everyday. Nice to meet you.

edit 1: about 1 year later I got N3

edit 2: about 1 year and a half later after the year in edit 1 I got N2.

edit 3: at some point the title of this thread became “When the tenth month comes”. Why that weird title? well When the Tenth Month Comes is a very famous film in my country, and I love the film. Also, October 2020 is the time I expect to reach level 60.

edit 4: well sadly 10 months later, I couldn’t finish Wk in October xD, but I’m determined to finish Wk for sure. Let’s see how long it takes. I’m at level 55 when editing this.

edit 5: on January 27, 2021 (1383 days later since I started) I reached level 60 .


Good luck - hope you enjoy the site.

You can use this page to track your progress (and see all sorts of other interesting stats too).


I get to level 3 today. Wayss long to go but feel good!


Going to buy Wanikani from this point here. Good luck to myself with level 4.


Got to lv 5 today. A bit long on lv 4 but everything’s still on track. Great journey~~


Hi Everyone

I started studying Japanese two months ago from zero. So far it’s been fun, but it’s been hard to find an organized systematic way to study. I don’t feel like I’ve really done anything yet. This is going to take so much time and commitment, but I am determined.

So imagine my surprise this morning when I looked at my item count. Apparently, Wani Kani is under the impression that I can understand, read and use in context 112 kanji. When did this happen?

Small victories :sunny:


Nice, you have leveled up real fast. Wish you all the best xD


Yay, got to level 6. A bit lazy but anyway I’m still on track. hoora


Got 7 today. I was a bit lazy. Some “easy” words just didn’t stick in my head. Guess I have to try harder. Road to level 8 go go go!


Just gotta eight. I try to do review two times a day. This level still feels quite low compared to my japanese level now but definitely there are something new to learn like 風船 ( lol who knows this is a balloon :smile: ) Anyway がんばろう!9 coming

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Lv 9 today. I also started my vocab challenge now. By the time I reach lv 10 I want to learn about 300 more vocabs. Gogogo

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Got 10 now. Longer than I had expected. Sadly, I didn’t learn any new vocabs this week.

Keep it up!!

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You’re still on track, and that’s great !
Some words/kanji don’t stick, and SRS is there to help you with these. I think it’s great to take a few days to make sure they are well learned.
All the best !

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Thanks man. Although my level is still a bit higher than current level of Kanjis and vocab in Wani, it’s getting harder. I will try my best to reach 60 and get better at Japanese everyday! Wish you all the best, too!

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Got lv 11 today. Going to leh Hell part. Making my way to paradise soon!

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Level 12 now. 3 days longer than my normal routine. I gotta be more dedicated. Maybe I will try the reorder script for web.

It sure helps a lot! :slight_smile: I always use it to put the radicals appearing first. Sometimes I level up late at night and doing the radicals is no big deal, but Kanji and vocab is a whole other story.


Yeah, using reorder script to learn radicals first is a good idea. I wouldn’t like to have to learn all the vocab from the previous level while worrying about messing up my pace, and with reorder I can do the vocab during the week with no hurry.

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I’m gonna lv up in 30 minutes, so I’m posting my level up post (LOL) cause it’s late in my country and I’m afraid after leveling up I can’t update this topic asap. I start using userscripts from this next level and am very exiciting to see the results.

Current userscripts I start using:

  1. Ultimate timeline
  2. reorder ultimate (I still don’t know how this works. Do I have to push the “force reorder button” for the level balance and other sortings to work ?)
  3. dashboard progress
  4. override
  5. level duration
  6. stroke order
  7. real numbers