Scaling the review mountain part 7 - The Final Chapter

In 2020, I raced through Wanikani as fast as possible, reaching level 60, and then stopped after a year. However, I later realized that I had forgotten pretty much everything, so I resubscribed and attempted to start whittling down the pile of thousands of reviews I had accumulated.

This is the seventh thread documenting my challenge. You can read about my journey up to now in the previous five threads - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

The journey so far

I started this challenge on May 12th, 2021 with a mountain of 6218 reviews. I naively thought that I’d mostly remember everything and that I could get through all that in just a few weeks, but instead I could barely remember anything from the higher levels, and it was brutal and my review count actually kept going up. After a month in a half, with my reviews up to 6618, I gave in and ended up resetting from level 60 down to level 46.

Even after resetting, it still wasn’t easy, and my review mountain reached a post-reset high of 5319 before it finally started going down again.

The final chapter??

My review count declined steadily up until this spring, and so when I started the previous thread, I expected to soon hit 0, and optimistically titled that thread “the race to 0”. However, it wasn’t to be. After hitting a temporary low of 47, my review count languished in the 300s for months, and since I just got back from a 2.5 week trip to Japan, my review count is now up to 1130 again.

I suspect that part of the reason for my review count stubbornly staying high earlier this year is that I was also advancing through the levels on WK and doing new lessons at the same time. However, that’s almost over now. When I left for Japan, I was close to hitting level 60, so hopefully I’ll do that soon, and after that, it won’t be long until I’ve done every lesson and there won’t be any new items getting added to the pile.

That’s my theory anyway. Hopefully this thread’s title will prove to be more accurate than “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter”.


But I think you’re right about why your reviews stayed around 300, that’s why we’re so excited for you to hit level 60. And don’t forget to tell us about your time in Japan!


Good luck and godspeed on the final act!

I suspect you would have needed to do a lot more daily reviews while leveling up to stay near zero. Now that you’re nearly out of things to review, it’ll start to decrease very soon.

Did you start a thread describing the vacation?


Not yet, but I’m planning to write a big Reddit post about it soon, and I wrote a little about it on my LLORG log.


Restarting reviews after a three week gap was really rough. It took me 21 minutes to do 100 reviews, longer than usual, and I only had 57% accuracy, way worse than usual. But oh well, I have to start somewhere, and I’ve gone through much worse before.

Also, I had 14 new lessons today, but only one of them was due to a level 59 kanji that I guru’d. The other 13 must be due to them doing new content updates again.

Anyway, I did guru one level 59 kanji today. 14 down, 18 to go until level up (I was at 13/32 before I left for Japan. However, I think I was already more than halfway towards leveling up because most of the un-guru’d kanji were already up to Apprentice 4).

Sat Nov 04 2023:
Time spent: 24m L3
Reviews completed: 100
Reviews remaining: 1049
Reviews in next week: 1232 (+183)
Reviews in next month: 1502 (+270)
Level: 59

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 229
Guru: 420
Master: 386
Enlightened: 1076
Burned: 6943


I looked at the content update thread and discovered that the “uncle” kanji was moved from level 59 to 36, meaning it is no longer required to go from 59 to 60. This means that I was at 13/33 when I left for Japan and 13/32 when I came back. I certainly didn’t expect that I’d be making progress towards leveling up while I was on vacation for three weeks, :slight_smile:


Final thread let’s gooooo!!! :tada:


Did much better today, with 100 reviews in 18 minutes at 74% accuracy.

16/32 kanji guru’d.

Sun Nov 05 2023:
Time spent: 19m L1
Reviews completed: 100
Reviews remaining: 1009
Reviews in next week: 1185 (+176)
Reviews in next month: 1476 (+291)
Level: 59

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 234
Guru: 410
Master: 375
Enlightened: 1083
Burned: 6956


Mon Nov 06 2023:
Time spent: 19m L1
Reviews completed: 100
Reviews remaining: 962
Reviews in next week: 1141 (+179)
Reviews in next month: 1458 (+317)
Level: 59

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 246
Guru: 395
Master: 377
Enlightened: 1075
Burned: 6971


By the way, here’s my Japan trip report in case anyone was curious.

Tue Nov 07 2023:
Time spent: 18m
Reviews completed: 100
Reviews remaining: 910
Reviews in next week: 1093 (+183)
Reviews in next month: 1439 (+346)
Level: 59

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 251
Guru: 384
Master: 374
Enlightened: 1079
Burned: 6978


Normally, I’d consider even 20 minutes for 100 reviews to be slow, but today took 23 minutes, the worst by far in probably years. I also had accuracy of only 66%.

Wed Nov 08 2023:
Time spent: 23m
Reviews completed: 100
Reviews remaining: 857
Reviews in next week: 1048 (+191)
Reviews in next month: 1412 (+364)
Level: 59

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 255
Guru: 378
Master: 367
Enlightened: 1073
Burned: 6993


<NEWB ?>

How do I get those awesome charts and graphs???

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Unfortunately, it’s all custom scripts that I wrote myself, and it’s still a partly manual process.

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Another really slow day, almost as bad as yesterday at 22m.

Thu Nov 09 2023:
Time spent: 22m
Reviews completed: 100
Reviews remaining: 804
Reviews in next week: 1013 (+209)
Reviews in next month: 1394 (+381)
Level: 59

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 260
Guru: 386
Master: 347
Enlightened: 1073
Burned: 7001


You made it past the 7000 burns mark!


1000 more and you can do a correctly translated scouter crush!


Fri Nov 10 2023:
Time spent: 24m
Reviews completed: 100
Reviews remaining: 751
Reviews in next week: 982 (+231)
Reviews in next month: 1388 (+406)
Level: 59

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 268
Guru: 375
Master: 345
Enlightened: 1067
Burned: 7014


Finally did much better today.

Sat Nov 11 2023:
Time spent: 17m
Reviews completed: 100
Reviews remaining: 719
Reviews in next week: 938 (+219)
Reviews in next month: 1368 (+430)
Level: 59

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 273
Guru: 359
Master: 339
Enlightened: 1070
Burned: 7028


After not getting any new kanji reviews at all yesterday, I suddenly got a bunch all at once today. I guru’d 3 new level 59 kanji, as well as one kanji left over from a previous level, and also hit a lvl59 kanji that was at Apprentice 3 and will thus have to come up a second time to reach guru. 23/32 to go to level up.

Sun Nov 12 2023:
Time spent: 22m L3
Reviews completed: 100
Reviews remaining: 689
Reviews in next week: 921 (+232)
Reviews in next month: 1351 (+430)
Level: 59

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 277
Guru: 356
Master: 328
Enlightened: 1076
Burned: 7039


Another case where I only had a single lesson which took a few seconds, but that just happened to line up with when the clock ticked over from 7:38 to 7:39, and thus it got counted as an entire minute of lessons. Anyway, 24/32 now.

Mon Nov 13 2023:
Time spent: 19m L1
Reviews completed: 100
Reviews remaining: 652
Reviews in next week: 904 (+252)
Reviews in next month: 1333 (+429)
Level: 59

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 271
Guru: 373
Master: 309
Enlightened: 1075
Burned: 7049