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3rd april

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read quite a bit today! managed 3 chapters of jjk vol 2 (60 pages, ish), plus the (almost) last section of that granblue fantasy event story (lots of people yelling about muscles…). fun time all round! two books i ordered came today too, 探偵ガリレオ and すきまのおともだちたち, so i had a glance over the first few pages of those and found them easier than i was expecting! looking forward to them, tho when i’ll actually get round to them i have no idea.


3/4 7 pages 古見さん (finished chapter 14), 27 pages シャドーハウ, 7 pages 夜カフェ

Tomorrow is going to be a tiring day so I don’t expect much reading.


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:white_flower: A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar (p. 16 → p. 27)
I read the first three topics (of five) of this weeks reading (Part of Characteristics of Japanese Grammar) covering Word Order, Topics and Ellipses.
I was a little bit surprised that omitting particles like は, が or を can be considered grammatical correct. I always thought it is rather colloquial and the speaker just doesn’t care for correct grammar (or is lazy :sweat_smile:).

:mag: 名探偵コナン vol. 1 (p. 76 → p. 85)
I so love this Manga! But it is very text-heavy, which makes it harder to read than other Manga for me. But today I didn’t have to look up as many vocabularies as in the parts before :+1:


:cherry_blossom: Day 3, 4 月 3 日 :herb:

:open_book: Back to my Home Post

Once again doing some textbook reading. I’m taking it real easy for now, so I will do a lot or re-reading and re-listening to the same stuff over and over.


:bookmark: Home post // April 3 :cherry_blossom: :blossom:

・薬屋のひとりごと 4 (10% → 12%)

I’m very amused by the furigana in this series, no joke. Seems like kiseru is a valid reading. However, eyeliner is not a vaild reading for kumadori.

Word Reading Furigana Meaning
特性の油 とくせいのあぶら ローション lit. “special oil”
煙管 えんかん・キセル キセル Japanese smoking pipe
隈取 くまどり アイライン style of kabuki makeup used for violent roles
長椅子 ながいす カウチ couch, bench, ottoman

As for the story so far: Sudden subtle display of affection? :eyes: Confusion ensues for all characters present. Something has definitely changed mainly for the male main character since the end of the last volume. Not behind the scenes, they just haven’t talked about it properly. I want to see that talk. Maomao is in strong denial, trying to convince herself the soft thing she accidentally touched was a (そこそこ) frog that had snuck inside the pants when they fell over and not the real thingie (which was not even supposed to be there because that’s the rule for non-imperial men to be allowed into the imperial palace. They have to be eunuchs. No wonder the entire scene back then was a big shock for her).

Random box durtle appreciation

Totally random, but… Had to check something in an old thread when I found this post.

Made me so happy to see Box Durtle (image) accompanied by box table :face_holding_back_tears: long time no see!
So I added one to my home post c:


Hello everyone! have been trying to edit my home post since Saturday, but due to laptop having a mid-life crisis, I wasn’t able to finish it… I’m doing this from a tablet rn lol, but here it is!
I’m still editing this, don’t mind me

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April 3rd!

Today I read Chapter 70 of Shadow’s House.
The story has gotten super interesting in the last few chapters!

(Home Post)


:cherry_blossom: :books: taiyousea’s 花見読 home thread :bubble_tea::open_book:
→ natively → study log

April 3rd:
:bookmark: 君の名は『まんが』 (Ch. 2 completed - 58 pages)

i have a pretty decent homework load tonight, so i stuck with reading just one more chapter of 君の名は since it’s quite an easy read. this manga is very corporate-drawn instead of what is usually art lovingly crafted by one singular mangaka, so sometimes they do the thing where they edit a real photo of tokyo to look like it’s drawn and it makes me laugh every time


i also noticed this particular clue for the first time! it never even registered in my mind when i watched the movie, which is probably the point. especially with one being japanese and the other being english, I’m thinking the day of the week is definitely meant to be a little easter egg for second-round viewing


:rose:April 3:rose:
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:white_flower:A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar・pg35
Finished this week’s reading and added some notes from both weeks’ community posts into the dictionary for easy reference. Going to review this throughout the week to make sure I understand the material. The romaji really irritates me, but I don’t know if I’ll find whiting all of it out even more irritating so I’ll just leave it be. Someone said the Intermediate volume has furigana and no romaji, that makes me happy.

Still going through a lot of tutorials, but it seems to be going by faster. Maybe I’m past the “first page syndrome”? In any case, I’m having fun. I wish I had more time to play. Named my ウッキー “クッキー” because I’m creative :upside_down_face:




:cherry_blossom: :tulip: 4月3日 :tulip: :cherry_blossom: (Home Post Link)


  • 四月は君の噓 ch 3 -
good panels


ニャ~ :cat:

Word(s) of the Day:
雑念(さつねん)ー idle thoughts; worldly thoughts
自信家(じしんか)ー person who has great confidence (faith) in himself​


:books: :blossom: softlyraining’s blossoming book stack :cherry_blossom: :open_book:

April 3rd

:orange_square: NANA 1 (43% → 49%)

A quick read today. Finished “the encounter.” On the one hand, of course I wanted her to fully confront Asano (the predator’s name; don’t think I ever mentioned it). On the other hand, this is our introduction to Nana as a character; expecting that much character growth is probably unrealistic. She’s still quite young, and she hasn’t had a moment in her life to reassess her relationship with him on that level. Maybe I’m just making excuses, but I guess that’s my take for now.




LOL so much for being delayed, my CDJapan order got here this morning. Also! 三村統の不信頼, which previously was only available online, is included in the bunkobon version of 空への助走! My buying that when I already have the tankoubon wasn’t for nothing, after all (also the cover is pretty)

Not sure what to do about that and the tankoubon of the main series re: Bookmeter, though. I guess leave them off.

サマーサイダー was actually published by a different publisher than 2.43 (which is published by 集英社) and the same as 透き通った風が吹いて, 文藝春秋, which is interesting. Both JP novels I read part of today were published by the same company, and I think these might be the only two I have from 文春, at that!

  • 17 pages of 透き通った風が吹いて, leaving off on pg 62. Honestly I should probably spend a little more time looking stuff up and trying to figure things out with this one, but that’s boring and a pain and a chore, so I don’t.
  • 14 pages of サマーサイダー, leaving off on pg 22. It got up to 90°F (32°C) today and it’s supposed to be in/near the 80s (like 24°C+) most of this week, so even if it’s spring, since this is Texas it’s still nearly the perfect weather to be reading this. (Although one could argue that the perfect time to read stories where it’s sweltering hot is when it’s freezing cold out, and vice versa…) Anyway, Kabei-sensei’s trend of naming places after bugs did not start with 2.43: the city where this takes place is 日暮市 Higura-shi, after ヒグラシ, the evening cicada. I think this might also take place in Fukui; the dialect seems to match, at any rate.
Some vocab of note:

籐 (とう) [n.] rattan; wicker. This shows up in きみのまち ポルティア too, but I thought it was 藤 and just thought, “huh, I guess that means ‘wicker’ too” (since the basket isn’t decorated with wisteria or anything). I didn’t notice the difference between the two kanji until today.
絽 (ろ) [n.] silk gauze (esp. used for light garments for high summer)
度肝を抜かれる (どぎもをぬかれる) [expression, 一] to be astonished; to be astounded; to be stupefied; to be flabbergasted; to be taken aback
狼狽 (ろうばい) [n., する-verb] confusion; dismay; consternation; panic. Somehow I remembered the reading for this, and I don’t come across it much! Completely forgot the meaning though lmao
固唾を吞む (かたずをのむ) [expression, マ五] to hold one’s breath (in fear, anxiety, etc). 固唾 is “saliva held in one’s mouth during times of tension.” I presume the のむ works somewhat similarly to in 息をのむ.
気が小さい (きがちいさい) [expression, い-adj.] timid; faint-hearted; wimpy
駄々っ子 (だだっこ) [n.] unmanageable child; spoiled brat
白羽の矢が立つ (しらはのやがたつ) [expression, タ五] to be selected (from among many people)
自腹 (じばら) [n.] paying one’s own way
白ける (しらける) [自一] to be dampened (of mood, interest, etc.); to be spoiled (e.g. of the atmosphere); to become subdued; to turn sour; to become unamused; to become bored; to become apathetic


April 3 :heavy_check_mark: :european_castle: :evergreen_tree:

かがみの孤城, 9-11%
神去なあなあ日常, 12-14%

Too tired to update last night, I was half asleep as I was finishing my reading. Things came up that reduced my reading time, so not as much progress as I had liked, but some.

In 神去なあなあ日常, today (well, yesterday) I learned about those blades that are tied to the sides of the legs and shoes so that foresters can climb trees [1]. The Japanese word is 昇柱器. I bought two monolingual dictionaries in the Monokakido sale yesterday, but of course none of them had it. Nor did the IME know how to type it. I guess it is kind of a specialized word that I won’t be coming across very often, but I did find it interesting. :sweat_smile:

  1. image,
    image ↩︎


Which two did you end up buying? I only saw one of them in the monolingual dictionary corner thread.

For those not reading that thread, I bought 明鏡国語辞典 and 大辞泉. Meikyou is considered very beginner friendly for a monolingual dictionary (so no perhaps for a beginner, but a good choice when dipping ones toes into monolingual dictionaries), and Daijisen has a large head count (aka many words) and seem to cover a lot of idiom and stuff.

The funny thing for me is that when I looked up よす (several of you will know where I got that idea from :joy:) and Daijisen had the shorter and easier definition while Meikyou started with a bit of a more complex one, but also had the easy ones. (The easiest definition for me was just やめる.) But I haven’t yet used them while reading, so I personally expect Meikyou to turn out to be the easier, but now I’ll be keeping track because maybe not?!?! :open_mouth:


April 3 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

Played some more BU$TAFELLOWS and finished off the main part of Mozu A! I would’ve read more probably but I’ve started playing Hades again and it’s ruining my life :joy: all in a day’s work haha.


I got the 大辞泉 too (and the 三省堂, for those not following the Monolingual Dictionary thread). So far I like it (and love that it also has audio files), but haven’t had the chance to test it much yet. I’ll update the dictionary thread when I have something more concrete to say about them. :slight_smile:


I’ve read every day in the challenge so far. I’m oddly motivated to read Jam Maker (Satori) every day because it means I can add another :strawberry: to my home thread calendar. :joy:

It’s also fun to see what else everyone is up to!




Apr 2
Like every day I read around 10 pages of ボッコちゃん which is not that interesting but I should be done with it in 2 weeks.
I read some stories in manga magazines and played some Ciel no Surge DX but nothing really happened. But at least I have fairies for all four elements now, which should make restoring イオン memory much smoother. She still hasn’t finished the outfit I asked her to make some days ago.

5532 pages read