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April 24th!

Today I read Chapter 4 of Ruri Dragon. It was a fun chapter that introduced some new characters.
I also did a bit of reading in a game I’m playing in Japanese, but I was just getting the rough gist of what was being said since it was a bit tough, had no furigana and it wasn’t vital that I understood everything since it was just story stuff that didn’t impact the gameplay.

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・薬屋のひとりごと 5 (40% → 47%)

I had time to read a bit in the morning :3 The expression 藪(やぶ)から棒(ぼう) (=bolt from the blue; complete surprise) reminds me of the scarecrow in Howl’s moving castle, Turnip-Head, in when he’s stuck in the bush.


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OK, at least I stuck to my plan of cleaning up my pile of books :sweat_smile:
It took me one more day, but today I managed to finish ifの悲劇. It was pretty wild, and very very confusing, but the conclusion clarified a big deal. But still a crazy plot. :woman_shrugging:

For this week, my plan is as follows:

  • :chair:   告白 (with the Natively Mystery club)
  • :pirate_flag:   Flesh&Blood Vol. 12 (with the F&B club)

From Friday, I will be travelling, so I have no idea how much time I’ll have for reading. The first week will be the toughest because I will travel with a Japanese friend (which means lots of speaking and listening practice :tada: but probably not so much time for reading). After that I’ll travel alone for some time so I hope to be able to spend some time in the evenings with books.
In case you wonder where I’ll be travelling: https://community.wanikani.com/t/travelling-around-the-uk-want-to-meet-up/61391 :blush:





Finished にゃんにゃん探偵団! I feel a little silly being so pleased with myself for finishing it in three days, but there was a time that it would have taken me the ~three months it took the ABBC, so I’ll go on feeling pleased.

Then I read the first three chapters (that is to say, 11 pages) of しろくまカフェ, basically because it is the next book that the ABBC read that I own. When I originally read this I gave up pretty quickly, but now it is very doable – provided that I use the vocabulary list for the long and elaborate ダジャレ scenes.


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Hello, happy Monday! Hope everyone can have a great week ahead!

  • 21/4: :ring: 44min, 56% • :books:
  • 22/4: :snowman_with_snow: 6min • :dragon: 47min, ch. 116 • :books:
  • 23/4: :woman_scientist: 14min • :books:
  • 23/4 :woman_scientist: 8min • :books:






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April 24

不可解ふかかいなぼくのすべてを 2
start - 23

Seasons was about how farmers are hard at work preparing their planting plans at this time of year.

I was a little apprehensive about starting Fukakai since I remembered how vol 1 ended, but the start wasn’t too depressing. I read until I felt like I should go to sleep in order to be awake and alert at work.


Level 0 stories:トムちゃんの光と闇
Level 1 stories: 落花生は おもしろい、 ゆみこちゃん と サリナちゃん 、肉球


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:green_book:日本語500問N3・pg 30
I’m finding the reason why I get some questions wrong is my lack of vocab or not remembering exactly how something is said even if I know what the question is asking for. The back of the book has kanji, vocab/expression, and grammar expression lists, so I might pause after getting through week one and work through that first.

:white_flower:日本語基本文法辞典・ばかり pg 87
Made a post about my thoughts in the bookclub thread here. I started typing these out in sections in Notepad++. It just makes things easier for me to understand without the romaji and in some cases, translations of the sentences. Also made a playlist of grammar videos to listen to as review when I’m doing other stuff.

Finished all available side quests that I found except for 2. Tomorrow I’ll continue working on the story.


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Was super busy packing stuff and setting up services for my new place today; it hurt to see all my manga and books going into boxes, but they’ll be freed again soon enough! One nice thing was that I got to physically feel the weight of every volume i’ve already read in japanese, since i tried to keep that shelf mostly separate :laughing: all those pages really add up!

I’m leaving out the last few volumes of ylia and a few other english books, but everything else is packed up, so if I manage to finish this before the month is up (possible but seems unlikely) I will have to resort to alternative sources for reading material


  • 四月は君の噓 ch 29

Word(s) of the Day:
屈辱(くつじょく)ー disgrace; humiliation​
無慈悲(むじひ)ー merciless; ruthless; pitiless; unfeeling​
触発(しょくはつ)ー touching off (something); triggering; sparking; provocation; inspiration​




今日は妹の誕生日だった。二十歳になった。なんか、信じられんけど……あいつはもう二十台? 俺はそろそろ三十台? 嘘だろ。

  • started アタック‼︎ vol 10, reading ch 79-80. Finally some consequences for idiocy lol
  • 5 pages of 四畳半神話大系, leaving off on pg 71

I finished the week 1 reading for 告白 (we just started and late joiners are welcome :wink:) and wow - this book feels like it will be a whirlwind! I definitely cut the first section at a cliffhanger though :weary: Can’t wait for next week’s reading.


:cherry_blossom:April 25th :cherry_blossom:

Definitely slacking on my reading lately, but finished rereading volume 2 of 夜は猫といっしょ and started on volume 3. On page 246 of Chamber of Secrets so another 54 pages until I move onto the second half of the book (the version I’m reading is split into about 300 page volumes, so this is the third book I’ve read despite only being the second book). I’m planning to go to the city and therefore the big bookstore this weekend for my birthday so if I make enough progress I can buy some new books (because everyone knows buying books is more fun that reading them XD)


I’m so tempted to join! 告白 is one of the books on my 読みたい list. Seems a bit above my level according to Natively but I’ll read the sample pages and decide :thinking:


cool, I haven’t started that one, I’ll be interested what you think! Bonus - there’s a sequel, so a grand choice overall by the sounds of it :+1:


Apr 25

告白 0% - 5% (17pg)

I did decide to buy the ebook and join the book club :eyes:


25/4 41 pages シャドーハウス (finished volume 10), 5 pages 夜カフェ, aDoBJG だい

Did well on シャドーハウス but not so much on rest. Better than it could have been as I slept really badly last night and feel washed out today.

I’m intrigued by the mention of the Natively mystery club but I think it’s too much to add to the mix right now.


Apr 23
I read some Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 3rei vol. 1 manga. Sometimes ago I watched the anime in japanese so I already know what happens but I still like the manga more than the anime. Also read some pages in magazines.

6864 pages read


25th april

home post

took quite a while but a finally finished case 3! seems like we’re really getting into the plot! and also jumping around the timeline again… the first chunk of the case dragged a lot for me but i really enjoyed the last third or so. most of the words i don’t know are coming from shi-long’s dialogue, but weirdly not always cos they’re colloquial. sometimes they’re just too specific for me to have seen before.

words that stood out: 火薬(かやく) (gunpowder. idk i quite like that), 格闘(かくとう) (hand to hand fight, scuffle, grappling with (a problem)), 赤(あか)の他人(たにん) (complete/total stranger), 隠滅(いんめつ) (destruction (of evidence etc.), suppression), and 七不思議(ななふしぎ) which can mean seven wonders but can also mean total mystery or enigma, which is how it was used here.