Favorite or Must Have Scripts and Apps?

Any APIs that completely changed your WK experience? Any that I absolutely must have?

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I like KameSame, but it doesn’t seem to be developed any more…

what do you mean? mods for wk?
if so: Override, Reorder, Ultimate Timeline


These are the ones I’ve got installed, and I find them all very helpful:

Ultimate Timeline - Immensely helpful for scheduling lessons and reviews. If I could only have one script installed, it would be this one.

Dashboard Progress Plus - Great for knowing how close you are to Guru for current-level items.

Niai Visually Similar Kanji - It’s easy to get similar kanji mixed up. When I get a mix-up, this script lets me compare the differences right away, and I can also see what else is similar when I’m learning new ones.

Keisei Semantic-Phonetic Composition - I have this for “The More You Know” :raised_hands: :stars: but it’s actually pretty helpful for knowing how close some of the radicals are to Kanji meanings. Sometimes I’ll add synonyms to radicals if they don’t already match the Kanji meaning, based on this script.

Dashboard Leech Tables - This is a nice way to keep track of items that might be giving you some trouble. I have the Leech Threshold set to 2, as that way it shows actual problem items instead of stuff I just typo’d.

Hide Context Sentence Translation - I like to try to translate the vocab example sentences first before reading the English. When the English is right there underneath, it’s hard not to see it even if you’re trying not to peek. This is a handy-dandy little script that lets you translate in peace and then see if you were right.

For third-party sites, I always use these two:

KaniWani - Reverse recall for the vocab is extremely helpful and important. KaniWani really helps me nail the order and reading of vocab words, and I know both the vocab and the Kanji so much better once I’ve done them on KaniWani. Definitely make use of the “add synonym” function in the later levels as actual synonyms start to pile up.

WKStats - A wonderful stats site that shows you where you’ve gone, where you’re going, and how you’re doing overall. Great to play with the projections and see if you can challenge yourself to meet your speed goals, as well as see how your Kanji knowledge stacks up alongside Japanese grade-school lists and JLPT lists.


If I had to pick one userscript, it’d be Jitai, a font randomizer. Being able to recognize kanji in different fonts is pretty necessary if you want to actually read anything in the real world (though whether you need the script for it probably depends on how you conceptualize kanji in the first place).


You mean 3rd party apps and extensions that use the WaniKani API?
sorry >_>

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Clarified the title.


For me, the “must-haves” are:

  • Ultimate Timeline: helps me to plan my review times
  • Keisei Semantic-Phonetic Composition: helps to form connections with phonetic components
  • Jitai Font Randomizer: stops you getting complacent and only being able to recognise the WK font
  • Pitch Info: a little extra information that is actually really important

They’ve all been mentioned by others in the thread apart from Pitch Info, I think.

I also really appreciate Lesson Hover Details.

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I have a pretty long (read decent) list of script that I’ve used. Check chapter 7 :v: I have them rated by significance.