User script for more intense lesson reviews?

What I would really like is a user script for more intense lesson reviews, where a wrong answer resets ALL items of the current batch. Gotta get all of them right in a row.
I’m currently doing this manually (by going through the lesson items and covering up the screen >.>) and it’d be nice to have it automated.
I would probably like a way to have it only for radicals/kanji too, as vocabs I can usually learn fine one by one, but with kanji I found doing this extremely helpful.

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If you cover up the screen how can you tell which item you have to answer to?

What about the Self Study Script? Have you tried it out?

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I mean I cover up the English translation beneath the Kanji :slight_smile:

Ah thanks for the pointer. I didn’t realise you could set it to review the lesson queue. It’s not quite what I imagined but seems useful enough.

Also, if you add Additional Filters on top of Self Study you can easily study recent lessons as well as items you recently got wrong in reviews.

I’m happy I could help you :slight_smile: