Level 21 before 2021!

Anyone have any other usefull/cool scripts?

Amazing work with the lesson filter and i jsut installed level duraiton

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I use Double Check, Forecast Details, Heatmap, Leaderboard (for this thread :wink: ), and Review Wrong Info Click. These are all the ones I need or like to have just in case I make some kind of mistake in reviews or want to see my progress.

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This is why i use double check; I frequently mistype words even though I knew the correct answer. Usually I mess things up because I tend to rush ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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On I use double check too but I genuinely got this wrong :sweat_smile:

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Lol ok that’s a big mood

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I find by far the most useful to be the Self Study Script combined with the Additional Filters Script that way I can review my leeches and items I get wrong in reviews or the lesson I have just completed to better reinforce it. Also the Self Study Hide Info Script. Honestly I find the self study scripts to be soooooo helpful, but do not abuse it to the point you get a review correct only because you studied it too recently in self study.

A simple one but one I think should just be in WK vanillia is Show Specific SRS Level in Reviews Script which esentially just tells you what apprentice or guru level that item is when you get it right or wrong in reviews. Honestly I don’t know why this isn’t already in WK.


I’ll do it. Was aiming for level 18 by 12/28 but two more levels by 1/1 is probably doable for me.


It’s official! I just purchased the subscription for WK and now fully committed. This is by far the best program for learning japanese! After trying WK I realize how much better program and community than something like Duolingo. It will be nice to know a language that is actually spoken unlike Latin and ancient Greek which I have been learning the past three years.

I’m just about to hit Lv.4!


Hi! I’d like to jump on board with this group as well, please.

I’ve been around WK for a long time, but never made it past the upper 20s level wise. I reset last September because I’d come back after being gone a bit and while trying to tackle the review pile I was dealing with the changes from the radical reorg and it was just too much–I was totally lost with the new mnemonics and trying to relearn those radicals on top of the review backlog… :scream: So back to the start I went. Unfortunately, for my Japanese studies at least, about a month after that reset as I hit level 4 I got a promotion at work which involved quite a bit more work to adjust to and a large change in my work hours. Between that and a few other things I was level 4 from October until I came back on April 13th.

I have a new schedule set up that should be doable even after we go from working at home back to the office (whenever that is) and I’ve picked up some grammar resources to work through much earlier this go. I’m hoping that joining this group and reading along with the Beginner Book Club when they start their next book will help keep me motivated and moving.


Yes! You can do it!

I agree completely! The community here is really special and the program really works.

Good luck with your level up!

Welcome back! Sometimes a reset is the right thing to do.

Sounds like a great plan!

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Hey guys,
I just saw the leaders board, could I join in that? should I put myself in by editing the post, or how does that work :sweat_smile:
Sorry I am not on the forum that much

Yes! Just hit edit on the post, copy someone else’s line, and put in your own info.

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Congratulations on your promotion, though! Isn’t it a bummer when real jobs get in the way of learning Japanese?


Finally added myself to the leader board after like a week :sweat_smile:



My first Enlightened! Bit confused that I only have one… But I’m not complaining <3


Yay! Very fitting first Enlightened!


I hadn’t seen it like that… but now it is even more satisfying :heart_eyes:


Wow, it says on your profile that you joined on April 22, then how did you just get your first Enlightened? I only joined five days later you and just got my first Master today!