[Userscript] Self-Study Quiz

uhhh back again lol.

So unrelated, but I thought this was odd.09%20PM

I’m guessing this is related to the issue @seanblue had.
I’ll look into it.


:point_right: [v3.0.5] - Fix wrong answers due to case mismatch


Checked with しがつ again & it seems to be working! Thanks.

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It could be a UI bug of some sort. Like the UI indicates that “close enough” is enabled but it’s actually not. Or related to that, maybe there’s a problem with how you are saving/loading the settings. Eventually the bug stopped happening for me, and I’m wondering if the setting just got “unstuck” and was finally being used properly.

For any scripters who are interested, the Self-Study Quiz can now be opened programmatically with a specific set of items. Here’s an example from the [Self-Study Hide Info] script:

// Check if the Quiz script is installed and ready.
if (wkof.get_state('ss_quiz') === 'ready') {

	// Specify the items to quiz
	var level = '1';
	var item_type = 'vocabulary';

	var custom_options = {
		ipreset: {name: 'Level 1 Vocabulary', content: {
			wk_items: {enabled: true, filters: {
				level: {enabled: true, value: level},  //Specify Level
				item_type: {enabled: true, value: item_type},  // Specify item type

	// Open the quiz

:point_right: [v3.0.8]

  • Added 3-state audio icon (hover over the icon to see the following description)
    • Red - Never play audio
    • Gray - Audio questions only
    • Yellow - Audio questions, After correct reading, Opening help for reading
  • Moved ‘typos’ to settings window.
  • When making changes in the settings window, don’t restart the quiz unless the changes require it.
  • Better defaults for the first time the script is run.
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@rfindley Please remove “Recently Failed Items” from your description of my add-on. I haven’t implemented that yet. :slight_smile:

Oops… Got it.


Is there a way to automatically show the correct answer when you get it wrong? Always having to press the icon is really cumbersome and the shortcut only works when I click into the window first after each item.

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The current version should accept the F1 key at any time for opening the help, even without clicking in the window. Is that not working for you? (And if not, what browser and script host are you using?)

I’ll look into adding an option tonight to auto-open the help.

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Nope same thing with F1. It seems like the window gets out of focus or something.
I’m running Firefox 59.0.2 with Tampermonkey 4.6.5757.

hmm… I’m capturing keys all the way up at the <body> tag, so theoretically any key should be captured at all times. I’ll try out Firefox tonight.

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In agreement with Powerpuncher on this one. Although for whatever reason, I’m also using Firefox w/ Tampermonkey and F1 does indeed work for me. Still, I know that personally, if I get an answer wrong I will always want the correct answer shown. There should definitely be an option to auto show it.


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@Powerpuncher @Torere,

:point_right: [v3.0.9] - Added an option to auto-show the correct answer when you answer incorrectly.



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Thanks a lot!

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I’m so happy with this script, @rfindley, thank you so much. My requirements have been fulfilled better than I could ever hope. Now I have just one thing on my wish list: the ability to export/import preferences/items. For multiple machines. I don’t need “export to file,” a simple (json) string would already be enough for me.

The Open Framework technically has the ability for someone to create a Sync script to sync settings for all scripts. But in the meantime, you can gather the settings from the Javascript console.

Export settings to console:


Import settings from console:

var settings = [paste your settings here without the square brackets];
wkof.file_cache.save('wkof.settings.ss_quiz', settings);
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Excellent! Thank you!