If you go to the recent unlocks in the last 30 days list, you cant see the meanings and readings.

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That’s what they’re trying to avoid.

no thats what i want

u are the best

Ah, misread can’t as can.

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I made a script specifically for that. It only shows the readings/meanings when you hover over them with your mouse. It also gives you a shuffle button to help you not form a dependence on sequence. And if you happen to have the Self-Study Quiz script installed, you’ll also get a Quiz button that lets you quiz on the category you’re looking at (e.g. Level 3 kanji, or whatever).


just what i needed, thanks !

still sorta new to scripts

its not letting me download that script from that website on chrome.

[ General Script Installation instructions ] :point_left: You’ll need a script host plugin like TamperMonkey
[ Open Framework Installation ]
And then you can install the Hide Info script.

(I should update the Hide Info thread to include the above info. I’ve started doing that on my other scripts, but haven’t gotten to all of them yet)

still having a bit of trouble

it told me to put ur script on the top which i did but it still seems to not work

what am i doing wrong??

The Open Framework is the one that needs to be on top.
All other scripts go below that.


works like a charm now


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the app I just downloaded is not official, but it is a WK app. Just type in WaniKani and it’ll be the first one to pop up

Mobile version of WK works just fine.

I’m pretty sure the third party app uses the actual WK mobile site for reviews and lessons, so it’s not completely third party.

The site is actually really mobile friendly, too. I’ve been doing WK for a year or so and use the app/mobile site all the time

keep mixing up

ひとつ and ひとり

first means one thing and second means alone but i still cant

一つ(ひとつ) --> one thing

一人(ひとり) —> alone

I’m not sure why they have the primary reason of 一人 as “alone”. The most common usage is just as it looks, as a counter for people. So “one person.”

Obviously one person can be alone, so that’s where that meaning comes from, but I think that’s a more specific definition and “one person” is more general.

yeah i almost screw that up all the time since 二人 is two people its extremely inconsistent on WK’s part but ok