[Userscript] Self-Study Quiz

Go to the script page and make sure you really are on the latest version. It’s working fine for me and I’m not seeing any CSS rules which might affect Self-Study anymore.

This is native to the script

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I did click on ‘Check for userscript updates’, I swear - it would seem I actually need to update scripts individually.

It’s working now, thanks very much. :blossom: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello and thank you for this script. I was thinking of adding some extra time to my studies and this really hits the spot. :slight_smile: :+1:

I’m sorry if this has been asked before but is there a way to have it on the dashboard?
I keep forgeting that this script exists cause it’s hidden in the menu bar and I’d like to use it more often.
Is it me or does it used to be on the dashboard a long time ago ?
Thank you

That’s a good idea, and I have an idea for a quick-launch bar for the Open Framework, but it’s not something I’ll have time to implement for a while.

It has never been on the dashboard, but if you have the companion script [Self Study Hide Info] installed, it puts a toolbar in the items-by-level pages (e.g. Vocabulary for Levels 1-10, or “Level 16 items”) that you can launch a quiz from. That makes it super easy to study a level at a time with one click.


You may be thinking of Burn Reviews?

Oh yeah, you’re right.

Hi I love this script and was finding it very useful after I got things wrong in a Review session it would allow me to review just those items.
However, I have obviously changed something and I am missing it. Please can you help me configure to show only those items I failed in a Review?
Your help is so greatly appreciated.

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You need to have seanblue’s [Additional Filters] script installed, then go into the Self-Study script’s settings, click the Items tab, click the “New” button, and enter a name for the preset (maybe call it “Recently Failed”). Then, under the “Filters” section, uncheck all boxes except Failed Reviews (I don’t know what it’s called since I don’t use it. I was done with WK by the time the Additional Filters script was written.).

I don’t know if there any additional settings to set up under the “failed reviews”. If you have any problems with that portion of the setup (or if it still doesn’t work), @seanblue may be able to help.


Thank you so much for your help it is working a treat and just what I was looking for.

Best wishes

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Hello there. My questing might be stupip, but… What do you use self-study quiz for?

Back when I wrote the script, I used it to drill my new Apprentice items after doing lessons. That helped me reduce the amount of time I spent on reviews later, because I remembered everything much better.

Also, I used to review my old levels on a regular schedule. It’s more work than just letting the SRS do its magic, but I also felt like I was much better at remembering everything.


There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

A bit farther ahead in your WK journey, you may encounter some kanji/vocab that no matter how many times you see, you cannot answer correctly. They are nicknamed “leeches”, since they suck your time and energy. Self-study script used with additional filters (another script) can detect those leeches and you can run extra drills for them. This is extra work (additional reviews) to WaniKani process, it does not ruin your progress in WK. I usually do such a drill at least once a week. And anytime I feel like I’m doing badly during reviews, my remediation strategy is to reduce new lessons, and drill extra on Apprentice/Guru items.


Can you add context sentence quizzes as well? As for context sentences’ audio, you might use Web Speech Synthesis API.

It’s an interesting idea, but:

  • I’m not sure how that would work for the simple quiz structure of Self-Study Quiz. There’s a lot of flexibility in translating sentences, so people would spend more effort on remembering exact wording for the sake of grading the quiz than actually getting the gist of the Japanese. (I do think there is value in what you’re asking for, but maybe in a different context… like an Anki type of system where you can self-grade.)
  • Technically, I have a general idea how I would do it if I were developing it as a professional language tool, but that’s a large scale project beyond the level I can put in as a hobby.

Depending on my career trajectory, I may eventually resume the work that I started on some professional language tools. If that comes to fruition, my hope is that it will be a lot more effective than currently available tools.


Hi rfindley,
I am refreshing my setup, after a long hiatus (2500 reviews pending after resetting to lvl 30).
Could you please pitch your script :slight_smile:, and explain in which circunstances you recommend the self-study quiz rather than the built-in SRS? Is it for people like me? Or people who already completed all their reviews and what to study further? Or people to study their burn items without resurrecting them?

Maybe that explanation could make a nice intro to your 1st post? :slight_smile:

Thanks & Best Regards

Feature request:

I don’t know if it’s possible, but I would like to mark/star selected items and add them to a custom list. So I can review specific items separately…

Is there a shortcut to access the mnemonics when reviewing an item? If there is none I would appreciate if one is added. Sometimes the problem is a forgotten mnemonics and I need a memory refresh. Perhaps just opening the item page in the browser would be good enough.

Thank you! Awesome script! I use this daily for listening practice.

I noticed 1 teeny oversight/bug?. After pressing “Re-Quiz”, the first item’s answer will be visible if the answer for the last item in the previous quiz was visible. Seems like the answer should be hidden by default, as it is when moving to a next item.