Tobira study group

I’m also a bit into Tobira already, and up for starting it anytime with everyone here!


Welcome aboard the 2021 Tobira study group :hugs: It’s my understanding that we will follow the same pace as the original thread (2 weeks per chapter) and that we will work through both the main book and workbook (although if you only have the main book or only want to work through that one that’s of course fine as well). @sergiop please correct me if I’m wrong or missed something.



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I’m in. I’ve been wanting to do Tobira but textbooks are boring to do alone. Let’s do this team!


Yes, absolutely!

If we start on Monday, then this will be the schedule. We’ll be done just in time for Christmas. Does this look OK?

Chapter 1: April 26 to May 9 - chapter 1 thread here
Chapter 2: May 10 to May 23 - chapter 2 thread here
Chapter 3: May 24 to June 6 - chapter 3 thread here
Chapter 4: June 7 to June 20 - chapter 4 thread here
Chapter 5: June 21 to July 4 - chapter 5 thread here

BREAK AND CATCH UP: July 5 to July 18

Chapter 6: July 19 to August 1 - chapter 6 thread here
Chapter 7: August 2 to August 15 - chapter 7 thread here
Chapter 8: August 16 to August 29 - chapter 8 thread here
Chapter 9: August 30 to September 12 - chapter 9 thread here
Chapter 10: September 13 to September 26 - chapter 10 thread here

BREAK AND CATCH UP: September 27 to October 10

Chapter 11: October 11 to October 24 - chapter 11 thread here
Chapter 12: October 25 to November 7 - chapter 12 thread here
Chapter 13: November 8 to November 21 - chapter 13 thread here
Chapter 14: November 22 to December 5 - chapter 14 thread here
Chapter 15: December 6 to December 19 - chapter 15 thread here


@Mods the Tobira study group threads close after 1 year. Would it be possible to change them so they close after 2 or 3 years instead? If not then the threads will be closed before we get to them with the new study group (or we have to bump them up to keep them open).

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Because we can’t extend the date of closure (1 year after the last comment), we recommend bumping it before then, or else just asking us to reopen a post if it has closed by then.

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Ok, we’ll do that then. Thank you!

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It looks great! Thanks for the help but it seems I cannot edit the head post. I assumed that the pencil icon would allow me to do it but it only shows the previous edits. I will see if there is a way of being able to change this.

There is a way :slight_smile: It goes like this:

@Mods Could you please turn this thread‘s OP into a wiki so that sergiop can edit it? Thanks!

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It’s a wiki now! :ok_hand:


I’m interested in this too, so I’ll be looking to buy the Tobira book as well. It was the next book I was supposed to use if I had the ability to study another year at my Japanese language school. I’m interested in this too, so I’ll be looking to buy the Tobira book as well. It was the next book I was supposed to use if I had the ability to study another year when I was studying abroad 10 years ago.

Also, I generally stream my studying to keep me motivated at night, so it’s as good of an excuse as any to do a bit more intensive stuff. Though I do remember my 先輩 mentioning that this book was “suffering.” Right in-line with the Wani Kani level nomenclature.


Thak you NicoleRauch 先輩 and RachelG!

I think it might be a bit “suffering” in the beginning if one used textbooks in English for basic Japanese. Having everything in Japanese looks a bit intimidating. I always felt so “safe” and “secure” with Genki but excited to take the plunge!

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To be fair, I think they also did it in one semester. Brutal pace. Can’t recall though. Group study is far better than self-study with such a tome, so I am looking forward to the plunge.

Hey! I just got a used copy of Tobira in the mail today and coincidentally saw this thread. I was assuming I might not be ready for it yet but thumbing through the first chapter I think I can keep up at least for a while so I’ll join in. Thanks for setting this up!


Hey! I’m interested in doing group study.

I recently got the textbook and I’m new to using wanikani. I’m unsure how this works but do we just communicate on this thread? Or is there a better way for us to study together?


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Welcome to both WaniKani and the 2021 Tobira study group!

Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 11.55.34 AM

We’ll be using this thread as a home thread and the chapter-specific threads that were created for the 2020 Tobira study group as we progress. That way, all the info stays in one place and we build upon what’s already been done. So if you have any questions, want to share your progress, or want to discuss the material in any way - all that will be done through the forum threads.

On that note, is everyone excited to get started tomorrow?? がんばりましょう〜

Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 12.10.52 PM
(idk how to insert gifs so you’ll have to put up with screenshots of them instead)


Copying and pasting generally works, I think. You’ll usually end up pasting a link to the file, which should get the GIF playing. Your other option is to download the GIF and then re-upload it.

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