This is a certified "Level 60" classic

I finally reached level 60! I can’t believe that the time since August 2020 when I signed up on WK at a whim until now flew by so fast. I’m not the fastest one to get to level 60, however I’m pretty satisfied with my pace. Despite all the ups and downs that come with learning Japanese and managing my time as a med school student, I’m pretty relieved that I could get to this point with any major delays or setbacks.

Some Stats

My Wanikani Learning Journey Until Now

I’ve been really into Japanese media from my elementary school days, growing up with watching anime on my small tv after school to taking manga off the shelf and reading chapters of it in the bookstore. I also like Japanese culture and to the point where I wanted to experience it first-hand by travelling to Japan (which is still on my bucket list).

I probably started learning Japanese from 2017 but at that point I just knew hiragana and katakana which I learned from the tofugu guide and then I left it at that until Mid 2020, which is really the time when I started learning Japanese for real. Something about 2020 made it so I had a lot of free time during the transition period from high school to college so I started learning hiragana and katakana again, from the tofugu guide.

On August 2020, I discovered WaniKani, a service people recommended a lot to study Kanji. So I decided to give it a go. By level 10, I was addicted to WaniKani. I’d make it a habit to do my lessons on 6 am (6-8 am on holidays) and clear all my reviews before going to bed. When boring lectures came up I’d just distract myself by clearing up my reviews (my classes were all online so I could afford to do this). I even put my name into the Luminaries leaderboard to keep some daily motivation.

The mid level 40’s was where my fervor for the church of Crabigatorism started to wane a bit, and level 50-60 was where the burnout started to creep in. The perfect storm of harder, more obscure kanji with abstract meanings, the increased review workload (almost reaching 200 per day during the final levels) and having to rush to complete WK before the transition to offline classes on February this year made it feel like a slog to work through. However, I countered this with my habits I’ve cultivated for more than a year to keep doing lessons at constant times and get the reviews to zero and my drive to get to the end (which increased with each level-up email I got and each level 60 post that I read).

In the end, I finally was able to reach level 60! It feels satisfying that my constant workload can finally decrease for the first time ever. I was able to hit the milestone before my classes start too! I’ll keep doing my reviews here until my yearly subscription ends, and then I’m going to move on to Bunpro and Anki full time.

Scripts I Use

Advanced Context Sentence
Double Check
Do You Even Kana?
Hide Review Accuracy
Keisei Phonetic-Semantic Composition
Lesson Filter
Lesson Hover Details
Level Duration 2
LevelUP Celebrator
Pitch Info
Real Score
Ultimate Timeline

Resources I Use

Anki :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
ASAO Language School
A Year To Learn Japanese
WK Stats
Google Sheet Graphs

Where To Go From Here

  • Transition to Anki
  • Take the N3 this year
  • Finish my first book/novel (any suggestions?)
  • Finish Takagi-san S2 in Japanese (with subs2srs for the flashcards)


  • Use double-check wisely. Definitely use it on typos, near definitions, and attention lapses. Don’t abuse it though, getting a card wrong will only help you solidify the card in your head even more.
  • Use lesson filter wisely. I believe that WaniKani’s strength lies in it’s customization, letting it’s users tweak it to suit their needs. Learn how you want, however in my opinion skipping vocab is a big waste. It helps solidify the kanji learned much more. I even look forward to learning new vocab than new kanji. I only really used the lesson filter at level 50+ so I could clear levels more optimally before my self-imposed deadline. I never used it to skip vocab, I just reordered it so that kanji was the first thing I learned once I leveled up.
  • Do something related to Japanese language learning every day. Keep the streak alive, even if it means just doing a couple of reviews if you don’t feel like learning. Discipline always beats motivation!
  • Make your own mnemonics if you need to and imagine it in your head. Really helped me on the more abstract kanji concepts
  • Don’t stress too much on the details, just keep moving forward!


off the top of my head
@jprspereira for making the guide we know and love :smiley:
@Killua099 for helping me to decide to transition to anki when my subscription ends.
@jonmoxley for introducing me to ASAO which helped me with output a lot (although I’m currently on hiatus with it lol)!
@everyone who made the scripts and gave language learning and wanikani advice on the forums.

The CAKE Reveal :exclamation: :exclamation:


congrats :birthday: :cake: :tada: :confetti_ball:

I’m always shocked at peoples accuracy :scream: mine has been abysmal lately :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Congratulations! I found it funny that I also learned hiragana in 2017, started learning Japanese seriously in mid 2020 and began Wanikani around 15 days after you did :joy:


Thanks! Trust me, the accuracy stats get worse on the later levels, so just keep on the grind to get to 0 reviews every day :melting_face:


The item of soft sweet food made from a mixture of flour, fat, eggs, sugar, and other ingredients, baked and sometimes iced or decorated was an untruth!
Jokes aside, awesome job! Good luck on your journey going forward! :grinning:



Big congrats on reaching lv 60! :partying_face: :tada:


You were the cake this whole time. :wink::smiley:

おめでとう :smiley::+1:


congrats. But lv 60 is way overkill for N3. I took N3 at lv 27 and cleared it with flying colors(I stopped studying Japanese for a year after that and reset my account). I say go for N2 directly. N2 also happens to be the language proficiency most Japanese companies ask for when looking for a job. Also good luck with your Japanese studies

Wow, that’s really impressive! How exciting for you! Congrats! Thank you for taking the time to write up about your experience. I think many learners could learn a lot from you. Consistency and discipline is the key!

It’s been hard to pull away from WaniKani ever since I hit Level 60 myself a month or so ago, but I’ve finally did it, replacing it with Codecademy’s classes. I signed up for Bunsuke and Bunpro to try to stay involved at a more minimalist level, but neither have the kind of pull that WaniKani has. Maybe that’s a good thing?!?! It really ate up so much of my time! I’m really enjoying learning more advanced Python, SQL and Lisp. And my apparently my other language studies (which never required the level of dedication that Japanese did) have still managed to chug along uneffected by the wanikani to codecademy change. Huge success!

What are your med school goals?
What are some ways that you are prepping for the N3?
If you pass it…will you go on to take the N2 so you can do…this… 2022 Spring Business Japanese Special Course | TOYO Japanese Language Program

For real? I’m a bit scared for the jump from N3 to N2 haha, but tbh I haven’t taken a JLPT test ever so maybe the N3 test by itself is prep for the N2? Don’t really plan on working at Japanese companies any time soon but that N2 certificate looks really sweet. Thank you btw!

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My med school goal is to survive med school :smiley:
I’m not really doing any specific prep, I’ve cleared almost all the N3 grammar on bunpro and then I do immersion (podcasts, reading, etc.)
I’ll take the N2 after than I guess.
Thanks for linking that course! I’m not really interested in taking it right now, but I’ll think about it after I pass N2.

N2 is a pre-req, so I made that my goal for this year…pass the N2 in December 2022 so I can take that business kanji course in Feb 2023…but we’ll see. Japanese already ate two years of my life with wanikani and I’m really enjoying coding so…

What do you think of Bunpro? Is there any other apps that are good for prep for any of the JLPTs?

Lol, that is funny! I learnt hiragana and katakana back in 2010, then re-learnt that again during a college course in 2016 and really only started seriously in September 2020. It’s gotta be a magical year!



I thought being an all-Japan-Freak-MD was somewhat sort of exotic (In a good way of course, I don’t mean to be rude :wink:). I’m glad to see U could handle both tasks :grin:

Feel proud to reach level 60 becoming inspiration for others just starting the journey and sincere greetings from a colleage on the other side of the world :earth_americas:.

おめでとう :tada::champagne::birthday::notes::confetti_ball:

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And such a gorgeous cake too!


And such a tasty one too :smirk:.

I could make this creepier, but I choose not to.


There must be something that happened in 2020 that made us collectively put our crap together and learn Japanese seriously… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Bunpro (and it’s linked resources) is the only thing I use for grammar stuff. To reinforce the grammar other than from the reviews I just read a lot.

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My break from doing Pathology Anki flashcards is doing WaniKani flashcards :face_with_head_bandage:

ありがとう :bangbang:

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