[Userscript] Hide review accuracy

This is just a quick little thing I made for myself and decided I would share. This script removes the thumbs up/accuracy percentage in the top right of the window during review sessions. The reason I made this is so that when I’m having a bad review session I won’t constantly look there and get disappointed from seeing my low accuracy.
Link to the script is here: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/370528-hide-review-accuracy


This reminds me that I’ve always wanted a “show more digits after the decimal” script.


I can take a look at that soon and see how doable that would be.

I want both of these

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Thanks! This script helped me focus. I’ve just added this script to The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps under Reviews.


Hi @RysingDragon I installed this but I still see my review score after every review session!

It only hides it in the review session itself, not the post-review screen. I could probably do something about that as well if needed, but why would you want that? The reason I made the original functionality was because I often got frustrated if I was doing poorly and saw the percentage much lower than usual. It made it so I can focus on just reviews and not worry about that.

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I see! I guess my eye doesn’t notice the changing percentage during the session - thanks for getting back to me!

That would be good, but I’d really prefer it in base 2i.

I’ve been putting a piece of blue tape over my laptop screen to cover my accuracy for a dozen levels before discovering this.


Thanks for this

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Hi, my reviews have been showing accuracy again since a few days ago, is there going to be a fix for the script?

I have the same problem and after a quick look I found out that the class name from the thumbs up element has changed from “icon-thumbs-up” to “fa-thumbs-up”. You can fix it yourself, if you replace the class name in line 13.


That worked, thanks!

Hey there! Sorry for the late response. I haven’t actually used WaniKani in years, and only somewhat occasionally check the forums. I just posted a new update with the fix @PvtNoob described, thank you for that btw :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Probably the most useful userscript in WK.

Before using this I was always glancing in the corner at accuracy, and if I got a “bad” typo I would go back and cheat my answer (with to stay above 90% or whatever.

But lately I noticed that those items I cheated on come back and I don’t know them, so they fall back to Apprentice :frowning:

With this script I ignore accuracy completely and can focus on the important part. If I don’t know a word I don’t know it and let the SRS do the work.