Finally made it ! My journey to level 60 and learning Japanese

Hello everyone ! I have just finished the level 60 kanji and I will post my journey on Wanikani and Japanese learning, my advices and what will come now :slight_smile:

First, I stared Wanikani about 3 years ago, I had started learning Japanese already and had some bases in grammar but I lacked vocabulary and Kanji. Hence, I decided to start Wanikani. It really helped me out and I could easily pass JLPT N3 thanks to Wanikani. It was definitely a long way and I had some ups and downs. There were some times when I was to busy and I recently had to take a 3 months break from it because of my work. Coming back was difficult and it took a few weeks to sort things out. My accuracy dropped down and I had 300/400 reviews a day. But patience and resilience definitely helped me make my way out there. However, I never faced motivation trouble with Wanikani as it became a habit for me to do it everyday. I would just start my day, open Wanikani and do my reviews. Same at night time.

Second. What about learning ? I still have a lot to do ! I failed N2 twice and will try again next year as I am overcome by my new job. Also, I don’t even really know where I will be during JLPT time (I work in audit so I may have to move around a lot haha). I need to get back on grammar as I forgot some things and need to get back on reading. It was a fun activity but it’s hard to get some time for that as I am stressed out by my new job and the trial period. Things should settle down soon though. In a good way I hope :slight_smile: However ! My Japanese teacher said that my hearing and speaking ability really went up ! I made progress and I guess my new Japanese friend I met in Paris did help with that a lot. But in any way I still have a lot to learn !

Then, what about now ? Is it the end of my journey ? Yes and now. Level 60 IS an accomplishment in my eyes. But I didn’t reach the level I am aiming for. And I still have a long way to go for that. So it’s not the end of learning Japanese. And it’s not even the end of Wanikani for me as I plan to start all over again in a few months, when I could assimilate the new vocabulary I am learning today.
What will I do from now on ? Finishing the vocab left on Wanikani, change from Wanikani to Anki to learn the remaining Kanji and learn more vocabulary. When things settle down at work, I will start reading again (many books are waiting for me). And I will force myself right now to learn (or re learn) one vocal point a day. It won’t take a lot of time so this is something I can easily put in my daily routine.

And to finish, some advices.
-Don’t rush yourself. Learning is always a long path and there is no short cut. There is no becoming fluent within 6 months.
-Don’t compare yourself. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. Don’t think you are stupid or won’t make it because you have been learning for years when your friend made it in only 1 year. If in the end you can speak then you are as talented as anyone.
-Take time to reflect on what you accomplished. It’s easier to look at what’s left to do but think about what you have already done until now. It really helps motivation !
-For motivation, the easiest way is to make learning a daily routine. Allocate some dedicated time for Japanese and choose what you want to focus on. Even a short time is good. You can only use 10 minutes a day ? Better than nothing. Go for it instead of not doing it because you don’t have enough time.
-Enjoy your learning. What I mean by that is choose a way of learning you like. For example, you like video games ? Then go for it. don’t bother listening to people who will say it’s too difficult. If you like it you will do it and who cares how many hours it will take ?
-And the most important one, be proud of yourself ! You are doing something difficult and you are doing your best. So be proud !

Hope you will find this helpful or interesting :slight_smile:
I will try to come back to the forum someday but it’s been hectic for a while (new job, big big move,…)


" And it’s not even the end of Wanikani for me as I plan to start all over again in a few months"

You’re braver than me.


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Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake:

Congratulations! Do you remember which level of WK you were when you passed N3?

おめでとうございます~ :cake:

Grats! But doing everything over again might be a waste of time - I think you’re much better off spending that time on reading and maybe learn new vocab with another srs.

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