Pimp my Wanikani Show-offing

So as many of you here might know, userscripts are a godsend when it comes to Wanikani (at least for me.) I cannot imagine using Wanikani without userscripts to help me remember new kanji, see where my leeches and confusions are, and saving **cough ** cheating **cough ** my reviews when the typos strike.

Anyway, I was wondering, how have all of you pimped your Wanikani? Is there such a thing as crossing a line (apart from accidentally crashing Wanikani with too many scripts)?

I’ll go first:

It looks like a lot, but I swear all of them are super useful, I couldn’t go without any of them. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Also… I might or might not have the ulterior motive of copying your setups. There are so many scripts on the master list it’s near impossible for me to go through all of them and understand them all :see_no_evil:


I hadn’t realized pitch was turned off :thinking: All the inactive ones periodically don’t play well with others, so I turn them off then and forget about them. Sometimes when I turn them back on, they’re fixed lol


Yes, I have a bunch installed. My “pimped-out” dashboard:

My dashboard scripts

The top of my dashboard

I really like the breeze dark theme.

I HIGHLY recommend configuring the Ultimate Timeline to show reviews by SRS level out to 120 days. Shows you at a glance if you’re maintaining a pretty even workload or if you have managed to clump up your reviews. (I’ve expanded this for the screenshot, but I usually keep it folded up to save screen real-estate since I’ve managed to keep a consistent pace for many, many months now.)

The Heatmap userscript is also de rigueur in my book.

The Item Inspector is a terrific swiss army knife for figuring out what’s in your history and queue.

Finally, I’m a big fan of the ganbarometer and burn progress scripts for some odd reason. As simple as the latter is, it’s quite satisfying to see those golden bars gradually move to the right (it was the first user script I ever wrote).

Other non-dashboard scripts I use

IME2Furigana for this discourse forum (quirky, but incredibly useful for adding furigana to forum posts).

The Niai, Confusion Guesser, and Keisei scripts as mentioned are also extremely valuable during reviews.

I also recommend the simple Hide Context Sentence script and the Unobtrusive Stroke Order scripts.

I find the Wanikani Spacebar Expand All script mandatory to work around a bug with the new lesson layouts.

Finally, the WKstats projection page script is a nice plugin for the wkstats site (helps me project whether I’ll really get to 60 before Christmas or not :wink: ).


I don’t use any script, but sometimes I check the “wanikani meaning” of some word/kanji that I understand but I don’t remember the exact word WK is using.
If I was thinking something completely different, I fail the kanji. At the end the goal is to learn japanese not passing WK. :smiley:


i might have a few userscripts installed:

perhaps the most important functional one is the reorder buttons script.
i also use the lesson filter, so that most days i do a mix of kanji and vocab lessons.
the only undo option is “do you even kana” for typos in okurigana and such.
i don’t find jitai as essential anymore as i used to, because reading manga exposes me to a lot of variety in scripts.

however most of them either show more information, or are purely asthetic.


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