Userscript Recommendations

Hi everyone I was just wondering if you can make me some recommendations for userscripts just to generally improve my WK experience.

Jokes aside these are what I personally use:

Because fat fingers

Though I couldn’t yet utilize this properly

Because seeing your progress is a good push to get more progress done

Same as the last one, data is fun


Thanks, I’ve downloaded the heatmap and Double-check for now.

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Section 7 of this guide contains a commented list of many popular scripts.

Edit: Fixed the link as per @Sinyaven post below.


I think you meant this guide:

because the post you linked does not even contain a section 7 :laughing:


You are right. I click the wrong guide in my bookmarks and I didn’t check what I clicked… I will edit my post.


Ah that’s perfect thank you I shall use that.

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