Leech Detector

Over on the Leech Squashing thread I let folks try out this little script I’ve been noodling around with, and the discussion has sort of gotten too large, so I’m posting a new topic here so we can have discussion about the script more specifically. I’ll fill in more stuff here if/when I have more time.

Here’s the thing!

I just added some helpful loading indicators so people aren’t just sitting around so much anymore. Also, I added a retry/backoff so if the API does fail to respond, you’ll get a second, third, and fourth chance at it. Each time the pause doubles.

Here’s a list of stuff I might add at a later date, feel free to suggest more stuff:

  • Hover on item gives meaning/reading
  • –HTTP retry-- DONE
  • –Feedback indicating what has loaded-- DONE
  • Indication of sorted column
  • Put it into github
  • Load more items button
  • Sorting fallback and simplification
  • Somehow get the mnemonics and add them to the chart
  • Subtract from streak to weight score away from new items
  • Load should sort on last selected sort column
  • Combined R + M score
  • Link to item page
  • Add a refresh button

It would be kind of nice to have items link to their WK pages. We’d get access to notes, mnemonics, ect.

Sample Code Line ~100 ``` var item = '' + '' + datum.item + ""; ``` css would have to be tweaked to cover the crappy hyperlinks.

Ahhh :smiley: Just what I needed, this is extremely useful as it can be tiring to put the leeches on a list myself.

You should put a counter number for how many leeches there are in the list.

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@StellaTerra: I’ve been using this tool since you first posted the link in the other thread. It’s fantastic.

Here’s a comparison of my queues over the past week. Before working on the leeches, my guru queue was bigger than the master queue. The guru items kept falling back into apprentice. I am now shifting vocab from guru to master!

23 May 2017:

31 May 2017:

I have one request:

Can we have a semi-colon separated download file, which is compatible with the one used on the WaniKani to Anki Exporter? I am using Anki to drill the leeches at intervals of 1 min, 3 min, 10 min, 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days. I check the leech detecter list every day to see if I should add any new leeches to Anki.

 # WaniKani to Anki Exporter (http://wanikanitoanki.com)
 v_早速;vocabulary;早速;at once, immediately, without delay, right away, right now;;;;;さっそく;10
 k_治;kanji;治;cure, heal, reign, rule;;じ, ち;なお;onyomi;;16

Alternately, we could ask the WaniKani to Anki Exporter developer to add another download file to their screen which uses your formula.

Thanks very much for sharing this code with us.




Finally! The one thing I was missing from WK. Thank you soooo much. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe how much I’ve missed this.


Personally I think that will be too unwieldy to get the mnemonics in there. What if you have all the items link to their respective pages instead?

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I got in trouble in class for saying “sen nen” was last year.


Couple of requests:

  1. Have the site remember the API key (like wanikani stats)
  2. Fix sorting…when I click on the SRS column, I only get level 8 leeches. I have to click on Wrong or Score columns to get other level leeches. Looks likes sorting on SRS gives level 8 leeches with a score of level 2 or higher, sorting on Wrong gives all leeches with a wrong score of 12 or higher, and sorting on Score gives all leeches with a score of 3.0 or higher.
  3. I’m not convinced that all the leeches are displayed. Perhaps this is being addressed by the “load more items button” bullet in @StellaTerra’s original post.
  4. Might be useful to add a column showing the next time the item will be reviewed, to show criticality.
  5. If I repeatedly click the Wrong or Score column, in a random group of similar level items, the leech items within the group are re-ordered. Seems random, so makes me wonder what is going on in the sorting.

1st click:

2nd click:

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Because of Notable API performance increase, this amazing thing now works for me!

Is it possible to make it show only either Vocab or Kanji or Radical? (Also, either only R or M.) I plan to use it with LeechKiller (exporter for Anki) for Vocab and Kanji. Or maybe I should start using Yomichan? – I use Safari instead of Chrome, making Yomichan doubly hard.

Thank you so much for making this!

It keeps saying “loading Kanji” even though they are already loaded.
Happened to me since the API performance increase.

Also, awesome that it loads so quickly now

It is somewhat daunting and yet refreshing to see that I have missed 人数 54 times…


I have trouble with that one too😂 I’m on a streak now. Hopefully I can burn it

(Meant to reply to you, so I deleted the other reaction)

This is really handy!

I hope you don’t mind, I’ve forked this project to add a couple of the features I wanted (remembering my API key, loading more items, clickable links, basically reimplementing everything):


Is it possible to detect leeches amongst Burned Items? → resurrection via Burn Manager.

your forked project is very functional since it’s clickable〜♪ it’s very convenient to access those leech〜♪ yeay♡

generally speaking…this is also make me aware…im very bad at english meaning (ノ_-。)

it’s like the more words im introduced the more powerless im feel since there’s still many many words i cant describe properly in english ( ;∀;)



It was just filtering burned items out before, so I (theoretically) added an option to include those back in. I don’t have any burned items so I can’t actually tell if it’s working, though ^^;

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