How to find out leeches without script?


I would like to see my leeches but I don’t want to install any script (because I am on iOS).
How could I do that ? I found this but it seems to work with API v1, and from what I understood they don’t exist anymore.



You can uae wkstats to see your items. Use filters to find items that are Guru and below on lower levels (around lvl 1-35 for you).


Link to WK stats:

I know wkstats but it doesn’t show leeches, does it ?

By the way, I can’t find my API v2

As @d-hermit says, use it to look for apprentice (and maybe guru) items for lower levels (below 30-35 for you). Apprentice items on lower levels are probably leeches.

Should be here for you.


I may not understand everything, but on your link there are only tokens.

Yup, and that token is what you need. Default read-only token. That’s your APIv2 token. The APIv1 token is gone.

Ok thanks.
I’d still like a tool for leeches but it kind of does the job

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Do you have any other computers or a non-Apple phone? Leeches are quite difficult to define, so scripts are the only practical thing to see them.

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Such a tool already exists ! Like I linked in my main post : Leech Detector
It is just not up to date with API V2

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I’m no techie, but surely you can just install firefox for ios, then tamper monkey for ios and then the Item Inspector by @prouleau and you’ll have as much info about your leeches as you possibly can want. :eyes:

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If only it was that simple ! Don’t you dare installing Tampermonkey on an iOS device ! It it not possible actually…

I have no idea why you say that, but here’s the link

After all, this is the easiest solution to your problems.

It’s for Mac OS, not iOS. Only for computers, not mobile

Mobile only solutions. That’s a different beast. It wasn’t apparent from your post. And it seems tampermonkey only exists from Android. >_> Sorry!

This is why I don’t use scripts, as much as i might like to. I do the vast majority of my reviews on my $3000 desktop Mac. It’s a great computer, so I don’t want to install something called “tampermonkey”, especially when my computer says I can do that, but I’ll have to override its internal security system. No thanks.

Not tamper-anything, or monkey-anything for that matter. The very thought of a monkey tampering around in my computer’s brain makes me shiver.

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Well they did specifically mention iOS…

@dojodog Make sure to install some kind of anti-virus, so your Mac won’t get covid! :grimacing:

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But, I obviously thought that’s what all the apple OS are called. Unless you specify it further. Like Windows.

I think you’re a teensy bit overcautious there! ^^; But, you can make it to level 60 with no scripts. People have done the journey before. But, personally, I’d rather not. >_> It’s just very useful and helpful throughout, both during lessons, reviews and inbetween.

Now I don’t know how I could do my lessons without the Keisei-phonetics script! (only got it around level 25+). Even if you don’t use anything else, this script really helps you understand the on’yomi reading relations between kanji. So, this is something you don’t wanna be without, imo. Suddenly, the on’yomi makes sense!

Then, of course, there is the Item Inspector that I’m reliant on for getting at those leeches. I wouldn’t have managed to address them without it. ^^ (I’ve gone from 170-ish leeches to 98 leeches thanks to this! :partying_face: )

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Oh, I agree completely. I’m sure I am being overcautious, but I’ve made it this far without scripts, I guess I’ll finish that way.

There are some really useful scripts I’d like to have if I wasn’t being so protective, especially the font randomizer script, which seems really useful. I’m a clumsy, fast typer, so the ability to correct those mistakes would be nice, but I’d probably abuse that, so maybe it’s for the best.

The phonetics script you reference is interesting, and I know that there are lists out there of those on’yomi groups, but I kind of like discovering those by myself (as in, “oh yeah, I see the connection now”). These seemingly random revelations pop up all the time. For example, I just realized today that WK has taught me no less than three jukugo for the word “resignation”. Didn’t even know I needed that many.

As for leeches, I have my own system that has been pretty effective and doesn’t require a script, but I do go through a fair number of Post-It notes.

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