What is the hardest kanji/vocab word/grammar point for you to remember?

Mine’s not nearly as bad.

How did you get the reading wrong twice?

I probably typed たいき because of 平ら.

My worst one. Apparently.

Breath 息

Is it the vocab or the Kanji? And how did you find it?

It’s the Kanji.

I used the leech detector.

Leech Detector

定款 is problematic, but probably not a very important word because I don’t even know it in my native language. It just feels frustrating to always get it wrong.

Duh, of course (silly me)

予想 has 13 "wrong"s in my leech detector, but it’s not a problem anymore. Yay Leech-Squashing.

  1. transitive versus intransitive verbs: I understand the concept. When faced with the choice in a WaniKani review I have a 50:50 chance of getting it right. mnemonics are the only way to help me out of this.

  2. Words which have the meaning “expectation” and/or “anticipation” are driving me nuts.

One little trick to using が that I found helpful was something mentioned in Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese. Rather than thinking of が as simply the “subject” particle, think of it as the “identifier.” For some reason, that really made it click for me.


WK doesn’t help with that, to be honest. 立つ/立てる was particularly bad. I mean I can tell the difference, but WK expects “to stand up” for 立てる, not 立つ. I mean, “to stand up”, without adding an object in there, is clearly intransitive.

I started entering the alternate meaning “to erect” for 立てる so that I would remember the correct meaning. Actually there are several vocab I prefer the alternate meaning for, come to think of it.


I tend to have very persistent leeches

I’ve done some studying outside of WK now, and my most difficult hurdle is learning pronouns: this, that, etc.

ari desu versus mashita

The list goes on. I have been watching YouTube videos about sounding native when speaking Japanese. I never realized just how many details I need to watch for.

It’s really frustrating trying to remember certain pronunciation issues, like if a sound becomes rendaku, or if there is one or two “oh” sounds.

Theoretically my worst item on WK is probably 八つ. A level 1 vocab still at Guru because I can never get the reading right. I keep getting it confused with 四つ because 八日 does begin with a よ. Counting is hard.

But recently I’ve had trouble with the kanji 転. I keep giving the meaning as ‘rotate’ when it wants ‘revolve’ and I’m not even sure I know the difference. Is there a difference? (I mean I know rotate can be transitive or intransitive and revolve is usually only intransitive, but we’re talking about kanji here, not vocab, so verb type shouldn’t matter.) I would just give it a synonym but I’m not entirely sure I wouldn’t be wrong about that.

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Ugh. Now these two vocabulary pronunciations I am CONSTANTLY getting mixed up!
入場 (にゅうじょう ) and 入所 ( にゅうしょ)

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I’m pretty sure those are my two least favorite words. Still mixing them up at Level 25…

Both しょ and ところ (所) seem to be have short vowels, chopped by an axe (斤), btw.