WaniKani Subject Progression Spreadsheet

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Inspired by this post: https://community.wanikani.com/t/self-updating-wanikani-statistics-data-spreadsheet, I made a Google SpreadSheet that lets you generate a chart of your SRS stage progression on any radical, kanji or vocabulary:

On the Y-axis are the ten SRS stages ( 0: Initiate, 1: Apprentice I, 2: Apprentice II, 3: Apprentice III, 4: Apprentice IV, 5: Guru I, 6: Guru II, 7: Master, 8: Enlightened and 9: Burned). The X-axis is for Time.

You can even compare your evolution on two or more subjects:


On the sheet “Subjects”, all the radical, kanji and vocabulary are preloaded. Once you input your API key and load the data, you will see your SRS stage and Leech Score for each subject. I got the Leech Score from this post: https://community.wanikani.com/t/leech-detector. The formula is:

Max( meaning_incorrect / meaning_current_streak, reading_incorrect / reading_current_streak). You can filter the sheet by any of the available fields.

To generate the chart, you must select one or more rows. Your can click on any cell of the row. Then you must click on the menu option ‘WaniKani / Draw Chart From Selection’ . A new sheet named “Chart” will be created. On this sheet, you can see the new chart.

Be careful when you select while using the filters. If you are pressing Shift, the hidden rows will be included.


If you have a Google account, here:


Click on ‘File’ then on ‘Make a Copy’. Save a copy on your Google Drive. On the copy, go to the sheet ‘Config’ and input your API key V2 on the appropriate cell. Click on ‘Tools’ and then on ‘Script editor’. Run the script ‘loadData’, so that Google can ask for your authorization.

To update your data, click on the menu item ‘WaniKani / Load Data’

The Loading takes a while. The video is accelerated.


Feel free to ask any questions or make any suggestions.


Ah this is great! Nice to see everything on one sheet so I can easily sort and skim of which kanji I need to work on. I’m not familiar with a leech score, can you tell me what that represents? I’m assuming something around how many times I’ve got it wrong/repeated? Thanks so much!

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It’s the number of times you got it wrong divided by your current streak of correct answers.

So, even if there is a subject that you got wrong a lot, its leech score will decrease fast if you got it right many times in a row.

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This is very cool! Being able to graph individual items (or collections of items) is a nice touch.

Hi, not really experienced in scripts etc, but I am getting a Syntax Error: Unexpected identifier (line 17, file “getSubjects”)

Are you able to help thanks a lot this is awesome work and exactly what I have been looking for.

Can get the leech score working but not SRS Column, please can you assist.

Thanks Sharyn