Starting to feel the burn!

A leech is calculated according to a certain equation (depending on how many times you got it wrong and how often you got it right in one streak)


If the answer to that equation is higher than 1, it can be said with sort of certainty that you’re having trouble remembering that item. It’s a pretty good equation, though it doesn’t take into account when you finally get a good streak going and really start remembering the leech, but you had it wrong like 20 times before that because you didn’t think that item was really important at that time. So that’s why some of my leeches have “不可能” in their bar, as I can only get rid of them by burning them. About a third of my leeches are like that :frowning_face:

This script lists all of your difficult leeches:

I think the self-study script also has a way to give your leeches some extra attention, before they grow out of hand like for me :sob: