New to forums, not entirely new to Wanikani

Hello folks! First time forumer!

I discovered Wanikani just after lockdown started, when I had to cancel my eagerly-anticipated trip to Japan. I’m level 13 now but haven’t really used the rather labyrinthine community pages - which somehow feel even more vast and complicated than my reviews!

There’s clearly so much golden advice from users but I have no idea where to start so would love some tips - especially from those who have been at it a while - on whether there are any particular scripts (I barely understand how they work tbh)/ threads/ groups etc. which you’d recommend to help my WK experience?

Also, I had a thought about vocabulary example sentences, which I bet has come up before: are there any plans to add audio to these? It would be so handy, especially as I get to higher levels and recognise more kanji, to check that I’m pronouncing everything correctly in context!

Cheers all!


Welcome to the forums @HannahBeans

Thanks! =) Any thoughts on my question? What have you found useful?

There are plenty of useful scripts, but they are all to fill specific needs. So if you’re doing fine as-is I’m not going to just throw out the names of my favorite scripts. They may cause you more hassle than benefit unless you have a need for them.

As for other threads, I always recommend book clubs. You’ll need to decide when it’s the right time to start reading, but it can be easier to read early on if you’re reading with a group.

I haven’t heard about plans like these, but I’d guess it’s not likely. They fix typos or other issues with the sentences regularly. Imagine if they also had to re-record audio every time they did that.


There is a script where you can have the Google Translate voice read out the example sentences by simply clicking a button next to the sentences. I think it’s called Advanced Context Sentences script

What is also really useful is the Phonetic composition script that can show you the phonetic component of a Kanji (you might have noticed that some kanji look similar and are pronounced in a similar / the same way, like 各 and 格 for example)

The redo script and reordering script are also handy but not everybody likes using them - you could just cheat to level up quickly without retaining anything which wouldn’t make sense if you try to learn the language. However, when they’re used responsibly they can make stuff more efficient - you can use it for efficiently planning your lessons for example

There are tons of other useful scripts, you can just have a look around and install the ones that might interest you. Once you have set it all up, it’s very easy to add new scripts


Hi HannahBeans, I recommend checking out this thread, it’s a very good introduction.

It should answer all your questions about scripts, threads and a whole lot of other stuff you aren’t even aware of yet.

@Jp, it’s been a while since I last plugged your thread. Feels good to fulfill old duties :kissing_heart:


You should have a leech script, that is a script that will point out the items that gives you trouble in reviews and let you do some extra studying to get them right. The two best ones IMHO are Leech Training and Item inspector. (Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector) These two scripts are different and in my opinion complementary. Some people use them both.

Aside from these two I also recommend:

There are more good scripts than this but these ones are my personal favorites.


One more super useful script: Semantic-Phonetic Composition

Brilliant, thanks so much for tips everyone!

I don’t think anyone has linked this yet…

Lots of useful advice broken up into sections so that you can read it as needed.

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Welcome! Other than the recommendations above, concerning the forums I think it’s also fun to sort threads by Top → All Time; there are some gems worth checking. :slight_smile:

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That’s really handy, thank you!

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Thank you for your suggestions! I tried downloading the double check, phonetic composition and visually similar kanji but only double check seems to work at all during reviews and if I enable more than one of the scripts at the same time, none of them work during reviews. Any idea why?

There are scripts that require the WaniKani Open Framework script to function properly, so you might still need to get that. And I think some people recently found out you need to create an API token for Open Framework to function which you can create here: WaniKani — Log in

Oh gawd, I’m so confused. I tried following that link and went to WaniKani API Reference but it all reads like it’s written for programmers! APIs/tokens etc. are absolutely baffling. I’m pretty sure Open Framework is running properly because Double Check only works when I enable it. But nothing else works. Perhaps I should just accept my rightful place as a lay cavewoman… :wink:

That API reference is written for programmers :smile: But you don’t need that at all. You need to click on “Generate a new token” on the site I’ve posted if there are no API tokens in your account yet. At least I think that was someone’s problem some days ago


Yes! I made a new token, just ticked every box for permissions and also moved Open Framework to first in my list of scripts and now it seems to work! Thanks so much for your help =)

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