New wanikani user

Hi,first of all,this is my first message,so hello nice to meet all of you!
I started wanikani 2 weeks ago and I was wondering if anyone could answer some of my questions:
1)I’ve started studying japanese some years ago, I’m currently studying for a jlpt3 ( I already did genki 1 2 and I’m halfway trhough quartet 1) I was wondering if you know when wanikani will start teach kanji for Jlpt3 level? (I’m currently level 3) wish I would have started this before :frowning:
2)Do you have any forum reccomandation I should check? like I saw there is a book club, a podcast club etc…
Thanks in advance for any reply,have a nice day!


The kanjis in wanikani are not ordered by JLPT but by a combination of visual complexity and other factors. You will see some N3 kanjis relatively early. In fact I think already in level 2 there is one N3 kanji. By level 15 you will have covered about 50% of the N3 level kanjis. Of course bear in mind that there are no official lists of what kanjis are required for each JLPT levels, these are only estimates.


Yep, definitely check out the book clubs! If you haven’t done much or any reading before they’re a fun way to get started, and if you’re already an experienced reader they’re a good way to find things you might not otherwise have read or to step up a difficulty level.

The first post in the master list of book clubs thread has links to all the others; the main ones are the Absolute Beginners, Beginners, etc, by level, and then there are offshoots where people wanted to keep reading a series or author. The main clubs generally have a cycle of reading something, then voting on what to read next. You can dip in to the thread for a club to see what they’re reading right now.


I second book clubs! They’re really great for getting deeper understanding and also getting motivated with others. :open_book:

Also, if you want to strictly study n3 kanji, I recommend It has ways to study kanji, vocab, and grammar. For Quartet, it looks like someone made set of vocab decks. There’s no strictly kanji or grammar Quartet decks it seems, but there are ones specifically for N3.


J-crosswords app has N3 kana and kanji crossword puzzles.

Crystal Hunters has some N3 level grammar as well.

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