Story of my not so interesting WaniKani journey

I’ve become I level 60 one week ago :tada: and now it’s time for the traditional level 60 post. This is gonna be a long post so I will split it in short section for those who are interested in more specific things. I will make a short review at the end for those who want to quick version. I’m writing this at midnight so I hope there is not too much typo or grammar mistake. (Yes there is a lot).

First thing first, here is some stats:

The gray ones are where I took a break to empty my review.
At first, I subscribe then didn’t come back because I didn’t understand how the radicals were working.

One hour after I leveled up.

Before Japanese

There is no place more appropriate to start I guess. I am a 21-year-old Canadien/Quebecer which gives me a proficiency in French and English.( Yes it’s a racial bonus. What do you mean there is nothing like that in real life.) I know that some people here had hardcore things like depression, family problem, debt or dead but I don’t have anything hardcore like that. You guys are way too hardcore for me. I had a pretty normal shut-in life. Almost no friend, always in my room watching anime or playing video games. At that time I had trouble completing project always starting some to drop them a few weeks after. Had no motivation to do ANYTHING except gaming. Was getting bored during summer break. I was shy as hell. Blushing at every compliment or comment. I’m an emotional person even if I would prefer to be a logic one. Always getting distracted by forgetting things. (Even now)

Low grade at school. Ranging between 50-75 at most.Hated school and It was the end of high school. (11 years or end of secondary school) I was 17 years old and was going into computer science the next year. I don’t know what triggers it but Two weeks before the start of school I wanted to learn Japanese. I wanted to be able to speak by the time I would be back to school. (Yeah in two weeks stop judging me I had no idea what was the challenge I had imposed on me) I already learned English at what I considered native level but I don’t remember learning it. I just remember that at one point I didn’t know it and the other I did. How hard could it be?

Japanese learning Journey

I already told it here so no need to said it twice for those who already read it.

My experience with WaniKani

Like I said WaniKani is the only things that help me remember Kanji. This is probably the best Japanese learning tool I have paid for/ever used. It almost made me discover SRS system and the usefulness of it. The level system made me rush though. When I discovered the reorder script I decided to focus on leveling up. Rushing to the level was good until my first break on level 27. Someone told me he was doing a break each ten level and I thought it was a good idea. I wanted to restart so fast that my break was short. Then I found out that SRS snowball at an incredible speed. I was getting more and more overwhelmed but I wanted to finish quickly. Now I have 796 lessons. Rushing wasn’t the best idea but I wanted to go fast because it’s a way to show myself that I was advancing. I rushed the last levels but they’re the one I know the least. (And not because it’s the most recent.) The thing is if I had to redo it I will prob do the same. As a level 60 I have the feeling that I can relax cause The “race is finish”. (Even though there was no race). I’m that kind of a competitive guy. :stuck_out_tongue: Even though kanji was kinda becoming less and less fun, it’s was always and still is, always fun to do. Now I’m trying to reduce my review. I still have 100 ish review each morning and night. (And the same amount spread in the middle).

The WaniKani Community

How can I do a review of my journey without speaking of the best community ever. (Yes that’s you :kissing_heart:) This community is really wonderful.

First, which is the basis of all good community, the people here are just sooooooo sweet. I hardly ever see people screaming name at each other or being plain rude. (That or I’m just blind)

Second, the topics are soooo interesting. People just asking honest questions and the others answer with the best of their capability and even do research for other. You won’t see that elsewhere. If I ask a question about Japanese grammar, I have an answer in 15 minutes max. Never saw that. Are you guys just lurking on the forum and refresh just the be the first to help(笑)(I know you do). We also have Japanese only topic to practice reading, writing and someone even corrects your mistake. And all these are not rare exceptions they are everyday occurrences.

Third, I already talk about the person in the forum but I wanted to make a special word for all of you. I remember starting and admiring all these level 60 persons/senpai helping us with all their might. Lower level persons who help all new guys with the links to help them. All of you who are so lively and share with us every day your happiness and emotions. All of the other that I forget but that write us good excellent post with advice, how the brain work, that burning out is not a big deal, Japan information, life experience, book club app recommendation etc… Damn guys, I can’t even procrastinate on the forum without learning new cool stuff. I’m so glad I gave WaniKani a second try and that I invested myself(a little) in this community I don’t deserve you guys. :sob:

Here is my personal shout out to some community member that either helps me are that I have seen a lot around here and that I like reading they’re posts. (Sorry for those I will prob forgot I will try to update this list. And a bigger sorry for those I don’t mention. I can’t personally call all of you out but know that by contributing in this community you are making a difference in some people’s life)

@Leebo Thx for helping everyone with Japanese grammar and making research for us at an incredible speed. To me, you’re like a cool senpai.
@Borx Thx for your cute pictures they always make me more cheerful.
@TamanegiNoKame thx for your cheerfulness. I like to read your comments. I find them funny. I was also following close to you some times ago. I definitely wanted to reach your level. (And I secretly find your avatar very cute)
@jprspereira Thx, for making that HUGE WK guide. I really appreciate you take your time to help others.
@Kumirei Thx, for helping each new guys by greeting them and giving them some useful link.
@seanblue @LucasDesu @Iwasneverhere @MissMisc Thx for ALL your help in the book club as well as helping me with some questions I had.
@RysingDragon Thx for you for being active on the forum. I think you’re a nice guy to talk to. (Even if we hardly talked.)
taoreegar (Sorry I can only mention 10 persons in a post)Thx for your post on “It’s not you it’s your brain.” Really helped me. It gave me the courage to stop running and to take a break

The most embarrassing part of this shoutout is the fear to have forgotten someone. In 1 year in a quarter, There was sooooo many nice persons.


I prefer the me now. I don’t want to go back to the time I wasn’t doing anything and was kinda wasting my time. Now I am learning new things every day and am way less lazy than I was. One point though is that i’m still kinda shy about telling people I am learning Japanese. There is always the fact that they either judge me, tell me it’s useless, want me to say something in Japanese(I just hate it I never have anything to say. Why are they even asking anyway it’s not like they can judge my level by it and if they want to know how it sounds they can get native sounds on the internet. Ok, I’m just a shy person. I hate too much attention it’s kinda embarrassing.), or just don’t care. They do say that telling your goal will make it less likely to happen. (I learned it on this forum :slight_smile: )

Now I’m studying Japanese and German in University. I’m just acing that Japanese class. (It’s a beginner class. Taking a higher one was… complicated let’s say). All my attention is on German but I suck at it. It’s not as fun as Japanese. Maybe because it’s school. Maybe I do not like learning a language but I like Japanese. I will see I guess. Just wondering if there is German learner or someone that learned German here. (Pure curiosity)

What I can teach you

I prob won’t teach anything important or that you don’t know but lets me at least try. First, for newcomers, I know It can be hard to join the community or be active in it. I am an introvert that started talking at prob level 15 isch. Everyone is so nice here that no one will judge you if you have a question. If you have a problem we can help pitch in and try to support you. As a community, we are stronger together. This forum is an encyclopedia of fun facts, cool person, polls(of course) and a lot more. Don’t be shy we are all learner here. Everyone will make mistake even level 60. (I make way more than you can do and people still help me) We are all lurking expecting to help you :stuck_out_tongue:

Next, WK is not a race. (Said the guys who rush it) Okay, I may be badly placed to say that but if you feel it’s becoming a chore or you have a bad day, you can just do reviews. No one will look at your stats and post them on any social network saying you are slow. Even if you are slow you are better than 99% of the entire population that don’t try to learn Japanese. You are already a legend and you haven’t started yet.

Finally, have fun. That the most stupid but the best advice I could ever give. Nothing is work while you have fun. If you like Japanese than you are gonna progress without noticing it. Like someone said on this forum (Sorry I forgot who you are. I’m bad with names especially avatar names. Why are your avatar names are all soo complicated.) “People overestimate what they can do in one day but underestimate what they can do in a year.” I believe in you so believe in yourself. No matter how long it takes we will always be there to give yo ua hand. I’m waiting for you.

P.S There is unlimited cake on level 60. You really wish you were here right? I know I was envious too.


I passed from an introvert otaku that does nothing in his life, have no motivation and never finish his project to someone who learns Japanese every day and has lots of projects. This community is soo great I own it a lot and WaniKani is the best Japanese program I know. Now I’m learning German and Japanese in University. Someday I would like to do nothing but WK makes sure my day isn’t completely lost doing nothing. (Yes that was short)

Thanks for reading it all. (Or not reading it) 3 months ago I was so happy to read some of the senpai’s level 60 post that I started to think about mine. Yeah kinda too soon right. For all future level 60 please post your Japanese journey I always love to read them and it can inspire a new wave of learners. (I know I’m being selfish) I’m gonna leave you with some of my best quote that helped me keep up during my learning journey. (That is far from over) I hope you like my post. If one person learns only 1 thing from it, It will have been worth it.


“One year from now you will have wish you had started today”
“People overestimate what they can do in one day but underestimate what they can do in a year.”
“Every encounter create a separation. It can be long or short but never definitive”
“Piled up, specks of dust become a mountain”
“Each morning you have two choices, either stay in bed and dream or wake up and live your dream”

Cool links

Here are some cool links
here is the ultimate WK guide. That guy deserved all my respect. My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )
The ultimate resource list: The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!
Take care of your brain It's not you. It's your brain!

This post is wayyyy too long. Why are you still reading this? I let my emotion out too much on this one.

I can’t stop rereading it to be sure I haven’t forgotten something.:rage: Just publish it already


@taoreegar sorry I can only mention 10 persons on the post so I’m tagging you here. Hope you don’t mind. Your tag in the WK community

Congrats on level 60!



Thx. That was pretty hard.


Story of yours is not not interesting!


Thx. But I can’t see what you find interesting in it. Still glad you like it.

Still wondering how you guys came so fast. Do you have a new topic sensor or something?


No, I don’t.


Congratulations! Félicitation !

Now you can be a level 60 senpai for us too :smiley:

I’m also a German learner, I would place myself somewhere between B1 and B2 levels, I can’t tell which one is harder between German and Japanese. I totally searched a bit for the German wanikani lol but to no avail. There is just no equal to Tofugu.

Laisse-moi un peu de gâteau, si ça te dérange pas XD


Stories like yours makes the others like us to find the strength to keep going.
I hope you had fun and you will keep having fun learning this language. Or any other language!


Thx and don’t worry in the WK world il y a un nombre infinie de gâteaux :slight_smile:

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And hey you mentioned you like videogames, if you have a PS4 we can play online and practice speaking in Japanese in German

Ansieux pour goûter cette merveille

PS: Your story is not less interesting than others, the struggle is just as real.

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Thx I really apreciate it. I do believe leaning a language is more fun when you do it the way you want and not with any lock schedule or in class where everything is in a specific ammount of time. Keep up the good work i’m waiting for you with some cake :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahhh cake… Feels like a dream. I will be there before long!
And yes I agree learning a language your way and without feeling it is a chore makes it more fun and easier!


Congratulations! If you don’t mind me asking, what will you do now? I know you can and likely will continue to review, but now that most of the work is done what do you plan to do with all the extra time you’ll soon have on your hands?
Also I just want to mention I’m surprised I made it to your mentioned community members list. I didn’t think I was that memorable, or even deserving of it. Tries to hide and make self less noticeable


You shouldn’t be, I would have done the same and I bet we are not the only ones.


I have some grammar(end of N4 yeah i’m pretty far) to catch on and tonne of books to read. I have a bunpro and KaniWani to do too. I also have University stuff. I have a good enough grade I could go study abroad in Japan next fall. Pretty excited.

Don’t be shy I don’t know if it because of your picture but I easily reconize you compare to a lot of other user. (Srry guys) Don’t worry you deserved it. I do like reading your coms be more confident. Btw I had trouble to write your name beacause you wrote rising with and “y”. that caught me off guard

Btw i’m seing that your level 59. Only one step left to climb can you smell all that delicious cake?


おめでとうございますヽ(’ ')ノ

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Congrats on level 60! But just wondering, what’s with those 0 hours levels?


Thanks for the write-up!
Your point about being more active makes me write the thanks out and not just like the post, like I usually do.

Reading journeys like yours and getting your age (I am older) makes me always really envious, but after reading it all I always realize that we all have our own burden to wear and only oneself can do something about it, which in turn motivates me a lot.
So again, thanks for the write-up and the motivation boost and congratulation on keeping yourself in the game and winning!

(I am a German native, but more often than not I feel like a German learner /./ (non-native parents). German is a real struggle to learn, but after Japanese you can do anything! :D)


Congratulations! :partying_face: