Master List of Migrated Userscripts (The 2023 WaniKani Rewrite)

A master list of the status of userscripts after the Great 2023 WaniKani Rewrite.

This is a wiki, if you are script author please feel free to add the status of your script here.


Confusion Guesser
Reorder Omega
Advanced Context Sentence 2
Show Context Sentence
Item Difficulty
Stroke Order
Back to Back
Review Answer Streak
Burn Bell
External Definition
Vertical Reviews
Custom Review Question KunOn+
Anki Mode
No Cigar (Shake on misspelling) + Okurigana Matcher
Multiple Answer Input
Markdown Editor Notes

Work In Progress

WaniKani DoubleCheck
Do You Even Kana? Okurigana Matcher

Unknown Status

Wanikani Custom Immersive Dashboard


Additionally I have updated

Back To Back
Review Answer Streak
Burn Bell

I have on my list to eventually update

  • Fast Vocab Breakdown
  • Review Queue SRS Breakdown
  • Review Queue Sizer
  • Lesson Lock? (not sure if broken)

And for the moment Randomize Voice Actor is dead


It’s a wiki now.


Not sure why put greasyfork links directly in the OP, not the thread, if it exists?


It’s a wiki. Feel free to swap out the GreasyFork urls for Discourse topic urls for the individual threads if you like.

I chose to drop GreasyFork urls in just to get the ball rolling as it was easy to do a search on GreasyFork for “WaniKani” and then check from that list for updates. Gave me a central place to search without having to cross reference back to the forum. This seemed less work than trying to find the threads. But I have no objection to threads.

Note that I didn’t do an exhaustive search, just tried to drop enough in the list to encourage others to contribute also.


Is this also true for Bind I key to other voice actor? I assume so, because I imagine the reason is the same, but wanted to double check.

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Yeah, although I’m still trying to think about ways to make both work again


I have Do you even kana working again but I’m reluctant to say it’s ‘migrated’ because I’m still getting used to the new environment and like I mention in the thread, am not quite happy with the hacky technique I’m currently using to keep it all together.

Just add it to the work in progress section. It’s all good.

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Is there any way to know the number of type/level left in a review. Similar to what reorder ultimate used to have?

Hey everyone,
First of all, many thanks to the people who updated these scripts.
Am I missing something or is the “mark as correct” script still out of date?
Kind of a must have for my silly self who’s the king of typos (I know I should review slower)

Double Check can delay when wrong by 1.5 seconds, then press + to mark as correct.

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