[Userscript] Markdown Editor Notes (2023)

This allows putting rich text, like images and hyperlinks, with Markdown and HTML in Notes.

This also bypasses 5,000-character limit.

It’s a fix of this script.

Chinese fonts and large fonts can be added by

<span style="font-size: 5em; font-family: serif;" lang="zh-CN"> 解 </span>

Hidden section can be added with <details> HTML tag, and two new lines afterwards (so as to hide for Reading or Meaning).

<summary> Optional Title. This line can be deleted. </summary>



  • Clean separation between Reading and Meaning Notes; as well as “shared” Notes.
  • Update to native Notes, to allow syncing between devices.


Grab the script from here.


Cool script, but why would someone want Chinese fonts?

Maybe for native Chinese speakers learning Japanese? :thinking:

Edit: I didn’t start with a brand-new tab, oops! It is running but I’m not sure it’s working right? I’ll reply in a moment.

I just stumbled upon this. Is there any reason to expect it might work on iPad, or does it use things that will only be available on Macs & PCs?

I installed it and it’s been invoked according to the developer console, but I’m not seeing anything different when I open a note. If it has other installation/configuration requirements, I don’t know what they are since I never used a previous version either.

If it theoretically could work on iPad, I’ll look into tweaking the code.


It is working on iPad/Safari/Userscripts, but I have a couple questions… First, here’s a screenshot:

  1. Is there a publish/finalizing/save function? I can make a new tab and load the url https://www.wanikani.com/vocabulary/気付く and my input Markdown is visible, but it still shows the two-column view above, and I expected from other screenshots (of older scripts, not this one) that you could have a view without the editor. The hamburger menu (visible in the image below) has a floppy-disk icon, but neither tapping it with a finger or Pencil, or clicking it with the trackpad doesn’t seem to have any effect.
  2. Does the colorizing syntax described in the older userscript apply to this one, as well? If so, what am I doing wrong in that final line?

  1. There is no publishing function. Saving is to maintain the content, that is, refreshing doesn’t make disappear.
  2. I haven’t added coloring syntaxes yet. Only just standard HTML and Markdown, plus Furigana syntax [a]{b}.

Ah, I see—so you always will have the two columns?

Ah yes. I may have made mistake using Toast UI editor, where WYSIWYG isn’t exactly what I expected, so I hided the toggle button.

I added auto-preview by default just now, if there is some Markdown.

Also #kan#, #voc#, #rad#, #reading# thing.

Hopefully I didn’t break something. Finalizing HTML is a hard one for this library, when alongside customization.