[Userscript] Review Answer Streak

Review Answer Streak

This script is inspired by Wanikani Improve, which features the exact same display. Not sure if that script is still working or not, but I wanted something that is maintained and works with undo scripts. I think it also works well as a standalone script.

What does it do?

It tracks your answers and keeps a streak count going for how many times you have answered correctly in a row. It also keeps track of your record.

The 4 in this image is the current streak, (12) is the record.

Available at

→ My Place ←


I have too many leeches for this :sob:


Could still be fun to try to beat your high score!

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Me in real time trying to beat my high score of 1

Edit: Can someone please let me know how i can have the gif play on a loop? The grind to beat a high score of one doesn’t end so quick


I am blocking 3rd party javascript, tenor.com included.

Then could you please tell me the best way to post loopable gifs? I’m new to posting here so idk what that means @omoide. Thank you!

The link alone usually works fine, but Tenor gifs are a bit special sometimes. Maybe try finding gifs somewhere else 251446983644938240

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Got it! Thank you guys!