[Userscript] Multiple Answer Input (2023)

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.

Since I figure how to tweak AnswerChecker during the fixing of Shake-on-mispelling (No Cigar), I might as well take over the fix of [Userscript] Multiple Answer Input revamped

What does it do?

It works on the same premise as Buschwichtel’s and formerly Mempo’s versions. When answering, you can now input multiple answers. For meaning or name, please separate by a semicolon ( ; ) or a slash (/). For reading, it has to be ・ (type /), since ; isn’t accepted for reading questions.

For Kanji reading, both Kunyomi and Onyomi can now be put together, but at least one of them must be according to WaniKani’s emphasis.

Additional answers and readings can be added with [Userscript] User Synonyms++

It works concurrently with Shake-on-mispelling (No Cigar), but Multiple Input Answer needs to be put first.


Thank you so much! It seems to work OK on the brief test I have done, but I have no more reviews to do, so will look forward to using it when I get some. Thank you again!

This might also be interesting for Kanji resurrection, from Level 1, one level at a time (with Burn Manager script).

Of course Kanji can have multiple dissimilar meanings as well, and External Definition script makes this realization easier.

@polv It’s working great so far, but It doesn’t seem to work on the quiz after lessons though - is it possible to add the script there too?

It probably works in LessonQuiz now. (Waiting for a new batch of lessons to make sure.)

Still, it has another problem – multiple answers for vocab reading questions won’t play an audio. I have no idea how to fix that.

It’s still not working in lessons.

Works fine for me, though.


There should be “found new answerChecker” in Javascript console.

Yes, it works now for me too - I don’t think the update had been applied previously.

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Hi! Probably a silly question, but I know the older versions of this occasionally had problems with Double-Check. I am very new to WaniKani and yours was the first script I installed (and thank you!) but do I need to be aware of anything when using this and Double-Check? Or do you not recommend using the other script.


No, since technically I rewrote the script for the new UI.

I am also using Double Check.

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Thank you so much for the quick reply!

@polv I had an idea; would it be possible to include items from the “Word Type” field in to what is accepted into the multiple entry field for meanings?

So, for example, for 伝える, I would need to enter at least one of the meanings “To Transmit; To Tell; To Pass Down; To Convey”, but could also include “; transitive verb; ichidan verb” or whatever other variables are in the field.

Apologies if this is a totally impractical idea, as I know nothing about how these this are coded. But just an idea. What do you think?


I probably can be done if I can find Part of Speech strings, so the answer would be wrong if the POS is wrong.

However, in the script, I don’t force more than one answer to be answered to be correct. In that way, POS doesn’t need to be answered. Not to say that mods can’t be done.

I checked and parts of speech aren’t in answerChecker parameters, any listeners, nor Item Info Injector. That means I would need to fetch from the API, and that may make the script more complicated.

I see, so it would need to be able to check two different sets of answers for correct / incorrect. Sounds complicated.