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She might well be! And to be perfectly honest, the idea for an origami advent calendar came up just because of said detective and his cranes! :joy:


Dec 24, Sat of Week 13 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Yesterday, かがみの孤城, March [6/10].

Today, かがみの孤城, March [7-8/10]. 2.5 hours left now. Also, a podcast on Podbean to try out (because of some flashy naming).

I feel like I can now mostly keep along with the flow of the story in audiobook form. However, in some ways, I might not really learn some things (learn from mistakes / learn of lack of understandings); so revisit the text later? I have bought the text (下) too.


Finished Re:Zero. That was a great show omg. Pretty tough vocab wise but I could understand about 80% of what was being communicated with context. Even learned some new words.


I feel I sort of am… cheating with this challenge for everyday either during the morning preparation or after my wife returns from work I hear her and my daughter speak Japanese to each other. Recently, and after our trip to Japan for two weeks at the end of November, my daughter has been speaking more of her mother tongue at home. Also, almost every morning they listen to either ウルフルズ or ビギン. Any tips though on how to be more actively listening?


Dec 25, Sun of Week 13 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

かがみの孤城, March [9/10]. Perhaps it’s not hopeless? I also resumed reading a little of February, but it is hard to get into enough speed.

Half an episode of EP.3 of 緊急取調室. Even if I am not paying full attention, it’s getting too heavy for me. On Netflix and does have episode title in the video, the episode description doesn’t have any title.


I’m ~2/3 of the way done with the audiobook 本を守ろうとする猫の話 | L30?? and I love it so far. It’s a kids book, but it’s charming and interesting. It’s telling moral stories, but it’s not grossly heavy handed with them. I think this would be an absolutely lovely film. Basically about what it means to ‘love’ books.

Light fantasy, talking cat :sparkles: :cat2:

@Naphthalene if you’re still looking for audiobook reccs this one has my vote. Quite short though - only 5 hours or so.


Sure, thanks for the recommendation.

Speaking of which, I recently listened to 火花, and it was pretty nice. It’s about a struggling 漫才 artist’s friendship with another 漫才 artist (it’s kinda hard to describe, but it’s a series of episodes covering ~10 years). It’s funny at times and emotional at others. The book is really short too (~4h)


Aaaand… that’s another tick for you in The Akutagawa Prize Reading Challenge :tada: Are you now binging literature instead of light novels? :grin:


Kinda, there’s a list for the winners of the 本屋大賞 available on audible, so I was just picking from there. I am listening to 夜は短し歩けよ乙女 from the same list right now.
It’s just a coincidence that 火花 won both prizes.


I found a difficult podcast and I’ve been listening to a few episodes here and there. It’s called GLOBIS知見録, and they host live events where they interview 3-4 guests from the same field, and they also have an audience and 質疑応答 at the end. Very useful to learn some keigo phrases.

I listened to an episode about the tourism industry and what Japan needs to change to become more attractive/sustainable, one about the social sector where they interviewed people from NGO‘s, and a third one where they interviewed Buddhist priests about the pandemic, mindfulness, and children who don’t want to go to school.

All episodes were interesting, but I found them rather difficult to follow. When the news become difficult to follow for me, I know it’s a vocabulary problem, but with this podcast, the difficulty (for me) lies in following the reasoning of the guests and what they are trying to convey, what position they are taking. Do they think the world needs more NGO‘s, or are they arguing that they are becoming obsolete, and what are their arguments? And it’s really uncomfortable to be in this 曖昧 position where you’re listening but you can’t quite follow the speaker, where you can’t quite summarize what they just said. Of course speed might also be a limiting factor here. But that’s why I think it’s a really good podcast to practice my listening.

And it’s also really useful to pick up some new words that people in certain industries are using recently, especially abbreviations. For example, they talked about Special Interest Travel (SIT) in the tourism episode. For a more universal one, there’s ディー・エックス (DX) = digital transformation.


In the iOS app there are also categories for Akutagawa and Naoki prize winners, but I couldn’t find them on the website. (It sometimes feels to me as if the app and the website belonged to two different companies… :woman_shrugging:)


Those are also things I struggle with so adding this to my list. Good find! :pray:

Oddly I already knew about this because of the Netflix show based on it. I never got into watching it though.


I am using the app, but couldn’t find those :thinking: 本屋大賞 is the only prize I see in the category list.
I can get some stuff by just putting the name of the prize in the search bar, but I guess that’s not what you mean?

Hmm, I guess the difference in contents I mentioned is not a matter of “website vs. app” but rather of “Japan vs. overseas”?
I am using the Audible app that I downloaded from the German App Store, and it’s partly in German (I guess they have a frame that works for all Audible stores, and then they just plug the Japanese contents into that?)

Anyways, in my app the 本屋大賞 is a “collection” but the others are “subcategories” (while on the website the former is a “list” while the latter is not there at all?!):

My German app

“Browse” page, part 1:

“Browse” page, part 2:


Yeah I noticed that too! By entering 芥川 in the search bar you get books by him, books about him, and books that won the prize :rofl: But I found it too distracting to really recommend it to you.

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Oh, I didn’t check that! Found it, thanks.
It’s so weird that they are being handled differently than the 本屋大賞 (that we can even see in your second screenshot)…

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That really confuses me as well. But then again, who needs consistency? :woman_shrugging: :crazy_face:

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Hi everyone! The Winter Listening Challenge is up!

Feel free to continue posting here until the next challenge starts!


Dec 27, Tue of Extra week of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Yesterday, I watched 初恋 EP.1. Also, listened to several songs in 紅白歌合戦.

Today, I watched 初恋 EP.2. Then, listened to かがみの孤城, March [10/10]; then Noriko and Akane sensei on Podbean.


I listened to an hour of the audiobook for 十津川村天誅殺人事件 and decided to shelve it. I’d previously read a book by this author and loved it, but this one just isn’t doing it for me. I might revisit it later (there were definitely a few small parts I missed due to just zoning out a bit) but the story just doesn’t intrigue me that much.

I also listened to the first (very short) chapter of 最後の医者は桜を見上げて君を想う which was mildly interesting but nothing special. I liked the wide cast list because I’ve been wanting something a bit more audio-drama style. The plot really isn’t my type (死を肯定する医者×生に賭ける医者), but I figured I’d give it a whirl anyways for a change of pace.

edit: oh btw there are a TON of ‘to be released’ 赤川次郎 books on Audible right now so I will soon (few months to a year) have a plentiful supply of easy nonsense to binge :popcorn:


Summary post

Almost done with 2023! Still have a perfect score on the challenge, though I definitely listened to more Japanese some days compared to others…

For Spanish, I have two episodes left of Frontera Verde. I think the next time I attempt this challenge, I’m gonna stick with Bob Esponja, because as soon as I discovered it, I kept wanting to just watch that because it’s so much easier than shows for adults, haha.

For Japanese, I had another breakthrough in listening comprehension! In the December 15 show, only some of the post-match comments were transcribed on shupro, so I was on my own for the rest. I couldn’t get much out of a few of the videos, but I did manage to translate one of them in-full, using just my listening with a tiny bit of help from the twitter caption, which luckily transcribed the hardest line.

The comments were from Maki Itoh and Rhio, who is a British wrestler who does not speak Japanese. The two of them teamed together, and Itoh translated for Rhio afterward (Itoh started learning English in 2019, and she’s actually gotten pretty decent at it!). I had to watch to see if Itoh pulled a Kamiyu while translating…

I was really pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to catch all of Itoh’s translations! Granted, they were very straightforward, and I had the help of Rhio’s comments in English, first, but it still made me happy! That was the first time I’ve been able to translate anyone’s post-match comments in full without a transcript.

Here’s a photo from the show, which was Mizuki’s 10th debut anniversary, so they celebrated her with a “瑞希だらけのバトルロイヤル”, which was officially translated quite elegantly as… “Full of Mizuki Battle Royale” :sweat_smile:. It was a delayed entry battle royale where all of the wrestlers entered wearing old Mizuki gear (except for Miyu Yamashita, who was unable to fit into any of it, so she wore her own debut gear, which got her disqualified from the match) and had to prove that they were the best Mizuki.

In order, we have: Suzume, Miyu Yamashita, Hyper Misao, Miu Watanabe, and Yuki Aino. Their comments after this match had a lot of background noise interference and just general chaos and were utterly indecipherable to me, haha.

Today, I just finished translating the last TJPW show of the year, which was on December 24. Nothing in particular to report from this one, though here’s a photo:

Arisu Endo faced Pom Harajuku in a randomly drawn singles match with a 10 minute time limit, and Pom got a bit too much into the Christmas spirit… Can’t believe this was actually the second time that week that I watched a match where tinsel was used as a weapon. The other time was a no-disqualification match in America. Some wrestling things are just universal.

I’ll post an overall wrap-up post after the end of the month, probably! I’m also hoping to join everyone in the winter listen every day challenge, but it will probably be during the off month again :sweat_smile:!