🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2022 🍁

Grinding my podcast playlist of only 4 episodes! Really must increase it!
Watched an episode of Terrace House (boys and girls in the city) on Netflix, with Japanese subtitles.
Watch it with my kids whilst we ate pizza. I told them the professions of the various people (baseball player, tapdance instructor, hair stylist, trainee doctor, model and barista/office worker) and then had fun as they tried to match them up. It’s not great practice as 99% is lost on me, but it’s good motivation! I could read little snippets of the subtitles and was translating them - with a couple of important scenes where I had no clue what was going on, I switched to English subs…

Must be a different Prime video to my one, Netflix has a bit more, though it’s flooded with kdrama.


Dec 16, Fri of Week 12 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today, I listened to several songs in Favorite Music thread (almost all probably). Personally, although I have my favorites, there are linked to my past memories…

Then, I listened to 2 episodes of YUYU Podcast.

Then, I listened to かがみの孤城 audiobook, March; before reading the e-book (that is, not concurrently). I made it around the first 1/2 episodes of 30-min each, and there are 10 episodes in March. Also, the speed this time is simply 1x.


I’m about 30 min into another ‘scary story’ read and reaction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u0UkUjZWQI

It’s fun, but at the same time I’ve looked up one word in 30 minutes and not really had to focus to follow along. I’m wondering if this is really a good use of my time since I’m not really growing any skills here :thinking: Might backburner this channel for low energy days.

If you’re in America then it sounds like it hasn’t changed at all. It was terrible when I used it. Someone told me recently it has a lot of content, but maybe they just looked at raw # of titles and didn’t look at quality and whether or not they were free vs rent titles :person_shrugging:


Sorry to double post but noticed today that 先生、私の隣りに座っていただけませんか?, ロマンスドール, スマホを落としただけなのに and it’s sequel are all on Viki now :exploding_head: Whelp, I was planning to watch スマホを落とした tonight anyways :popcorn:


Dec 17, Sat of Week 12 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today, I listened to an episode of YUYU Podcast. Then, the second 1/20 of March of かがみの孤城 audiobook. Then, Tate-Yuusha Ep.3.


Summary post

I meant to check in last week, but totally forgot :sweat_smile:. I’m going strong with the challenge so far! Haven’t missed a day yet with either Spanish or Japanese!

My recent big breakthrough with Spanish was realizing that I can watch Bob Esponja (Spongebob) in Spanish without any subtitles whatsoever and actually follow along with it pretty well! My former coworker said that she grew up watching that show in Spanish, haha, which gave me the idea to try it. I’ve sort of been alternating between that and Frontera Verde (which I’m watching with Spanish subtitles because it’s much harder).

With Japanese, I had a really amusing experience translating stuff for Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling’s December 3 show.

Kamiyu teamed with the visiting British wrestler Millie McKenzie against Shoko Nakajima and Suzume. The backstage comments to this one were hilarious because Millie spoke in English, and then Kamiyu translated for her. I wondered how faithful Kamiyu’s translation was, and, well…


I had a bit of trouble with Kamiyu’s middle chunk of lines there, but I understood enough of it to laugh, haha! Fun bilingual bonus with this one!

Here’s a photo from another match on the show. Raku (in yellow) employed some psychological warfare by bringing a pillow to the match and interrupting Hyper Misao’s opening promo on the mic by falling asleep in the middle of it. Yuki Aino, sleeping next to her, is one of her regular tag partners. Yuki is in love with Raku, a fact that Raku has exploited in the past, but their relationship is a lot less unrequited now.

I also translated TJPW’s December 10 show, which was short and sweet and didn’t come with any Japanese breakthroughs in particular for me.

Here’s a photo from that one, featuring Haruna Neko doing the おにゃんぽ, where she walks on top of the ropes (it’s a (ねこ) pun on お散歩(さんぽ)). Her opponent is Hikari Noa.

The other thing I wanted to mention was Chris Brookes and Drew Parker’s anniversary show, Baka Gaijin + Friends on December 13, which is one of the few (maybe the first?) independent produce shows in Japan to be arranged and booked entirely by non-Japanese wrestlers.

I was going to link the youtube video in here so that folks could watch it, but youtube took it down because they “played the Chainsaw Man theme one too many times” (according to Chris). So instead, here’s a bootleg link (which Chris himself shared on twitter, so I feel like that’s about as sanctioned as you can get :sweat_smile:). Chris vs Drew gets a bit intense, so heads up for that, but the matches before that are easier to watch.

It’s a fun show that made for some pretty pleasant listening practice for me! It’s like a standard ChocoPro show in that the commentary is a mixture of Japanese and English. I noticed that I was actually able to understand quite a bit of the Japanese, and that made me happy!


Dec 18, Sun of Week 12 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Tate-Yuusha Ep.4. Yeah, I skipped Ep.1, where I watched once without sub.

Then, a track of March of かがみの孤城 audiobook. I am listening ahead of reading, where I might understand the gist, yet missed a lot.


I’m over an hour into the movie adaptation of スマホを落としただけなのに and it’s terrible. Bad acting, they changed the plot, it’s less creepy, and just…not good. Like not even ‘so bad it’s good’ just…meh all around. I’ll probably finish it out since I have less than an hour left but I honestly don’t recommend it at all.

I also don’t remember if I mentioned but I finished the audiobook for 崩れる脳を抱きしめて and left a review on Natively. I have ~3 hours left in 夢探偵フロイト: -マッド・モラン連続死事件- | L30?? and I suppose I’ll try to finish it soon as well. I really like having a mostly clean slate the start the year with.


Finished 4-2 of 青ブタ11. I probably got down to an hour now. I am ready to finish today. I need to finish today. GAAAAAAH!


Dec 19, Mon of Week 13 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Tate-Yuusha Ep.5. This one, I have watched with JP sub once before, but only today that I noticed the details of the interference. Also, half of Ep.6, but from this one, I haven’t watched before.

Then, an episode of YUYU Podcast on cooking for oneself.

I also listened to a track of かがみの孤城, March [3/10]. Then, didn’t want to listen ahead, I still have 3 months worth of かがみの孤城 where I only have read. So, around 12 minutes of additional listening.


Listened to another podcast episode of TBSラジオ. They interviewed a guy who wrote a book about 詐欺, especially phone fraud, etc (it’s called ルポ 特殊詐欺), but not only about the victims, but about the people who are unknowingly being roped into such operations, or coerced. Really interesting and scary. Many of the (real) accounts sounded like a real-life thriller movie. Hearing about such cases makes you aware of what kind of things/pictures you post online and what websites you sign up to / what personal info you should and shouldn’t give to random websites.


Managed to watch another couple episodes of Re:Zero. I am kind of losing the plot of things, but am getting the bare minimum to follow what is happening. But we’ll see. I am 10 episodes into season 2 now. I could always just buy the novels and reread through it again…


Dec 21, Wed of Week 13 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Yesterday, latter 1/2 episode of Tate-Yuusha EP.6 with JP sub.

EP.1 of 緊急取調室. I found this one on Netflix, but without VPN, there won’t be JP sub. Tate-Yuusha pissed me off a little with its voicing and art style, so I might hold back for a while.

An episode of YUYU Podcast, and today I found his live on YouTube as well.

Also, a track of かがみの孤城, March [4/10] – 悲惨.


Dec 22, Thu of Week 13 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

EP.2 of 緊急取調室. Minimal rewind, but not with a good comprehension.

Learn Japanese with Noriko Extra! on Patreon; and a track of かがみの孤城, March [5/10] – memory fragment.

Then I revisited Netflix on VPN, to find SPY x FAMILY with both JP and EN track, where with Language Reactor, it’s easy to see figurative translation when wanted. I believe the series has both JP and EN sub even without VPN, though.


3 more episodes of Re:Zero. Which means I’ll have binged 50 episodes and 2 OVAs in less than 2 weeks.

… Does this make me a viable candidate for King of the losers?


I finally finished 夢探偵フロイト: -マッド・モラン連続死事件- | L34. It was a lot harder than I expected towards the end. Dialect especially was difficult for me. I also felt like for whatever reason I only got like half of what one of the police officers was saying, despite being very comfortable with police-speak. Definitely some unknown words in there. I think I probably would have done better doing a read/listen with this book, but since the difficulty only spiked for me at the very end it felt like a waste to buy the text.

This wraps up my lingering audiobooks for the year. Looking forward to next year’s listens :champagne:


All these days I wasn’t posting here, but I was listening to an origami video every day. And I do mean listening, as I often was looking at my paper rather than the video, and still knew what I was being asked to do just fine. I need to stress that the vocabulary was necessarily limited and the voice slow and clear, but still, it was a great feeling to instantly process Japanese in real time, without mentally translating or getting stuck on one unknown word and missing all the next known ones. I’ve definitely made progress. It may not be spectacular, but it’s there. One step at a time.

Still haven’t watched any of those indie movies I linked to. I’ll report back with my impressions when I do.


Did you post links to the origami videos and I missed it? I’d like to watch some of them too, I love origami!


I believe I posted one way back, but not recently. They’re all from the same YouTube channel. You can find them all in this post, in a Christmassy table under the title Origami Advent Calendar. Each icon links to a different video, and I’ve been following one video a day and posting the results.
Here’s the channel I got them all from:


After reading along with ユージニア I’m going to conclude that ばぁば is grisly ex-detective who took up folding cranes to stop smoking :joy: