🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2022 🍁

Joining in just for the off-month! I’m coming in right off of finishing the fall read every day challenge. I technically started the listen every day challenge on the first of December, but didn’t have time to make an official post until now :sweat_smile:.

Week 48
Week 49
Week 50
Week 51
Week 52

= Japanese
= Japanese and Spanish

As usual, I’m trying to listen to something in both Japanese and Spanish every day!

What I'm listening to in Spanish:

I tried watching the Spanish show Elite (with Spanish subtitles), thinking that since it was in a high school setting, it’d be easier, but as it turns out, there’s a lot of violence and sex and drugs and stuff, which my vocabulary (which has so far come from reading children’s books…) is not very well-equipped to deal with, and on top of that, Castilian Spanish is harder for me :sweat_smile:. So I think I’m saving this show until later!

Instead, I started watching Frontera Verde, which is a Columbian crime drama. Happy to report that even though this show also includes murder, the Spanish is a lot easier for me! This show also includes indigenous languages like Tikuna and Huitoto, which I have no familiarity with, but I haven’t had too much trouble following the Spanish subtitles.

So, my current plan is to finish Frontera Verde, then look for another show. I’ll also possibly supplement with podcasts. I’m still listening to the Duolingo podcast, but I think it’s below my level now, so I might try finding another podcast to listen to.

What I'm listening to in Japanese:

This will surprise no one, but almost entirely pro wrestling! These days, I mainly watch DDT Pro Wrestling and Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, as far as Japanese wrestling goes, so those companies will probably be mostly what I’m listening to.

I’m still translating TJPW stuff, so a lot of my more dedicated listening practice (as opposed to passive immersion while I’m watching a show live) is the backstage interviews after the shows, which I also have transcripts of. I’m still pretty reliant on the transcripts to understand anything, but I do have occasional breakthroughs, and I’m getting better all the time!