🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2022 🍁

Dec 28, Wed of Extra week of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today, I watched half episode of 初恋 EP.2. Then, かがみの孤城, 閉城 [1/3]. Not much today, actually.

For audiobook, I usually listened from some time after the beginning of the track, to some time after the beginning of the next track. Year counting remains particular troublesome. I can’t count so fast. (In contrast, first ten days are particularly easy. Months too.)


Dec 29, Thu of Extra week of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today, I watched latter half episode of 緊急取調室 EP.3. Then, かがみの孤城, 閉城 [2/3].

After that, I simply listened to old tracks of かがみの孤城.


I’ve ended up disappearing here as well as in the reading challenge for a little while :eyes: . I haven’t done listening as diligently these last couple of weeks, just some YUYU podcasts in different days. I still always do some form of listening everyday, like some YouTube or Twitch streams and so on, but I don’t consider those occasions actual and proper listening most of the time, I guess, because I always listen to them very leisurely and passively, whereas with podcasts I always make a conscious effort to pick up and understand what’s being said. It doesn’t even need to be podcasts in particular but I do need to feel like I’m actually doing it for listening training and not just simply for entertainment.

I had quite a nice routine with the early morning walks and so on where I was able to listen to a lot of podcast episodes, but we had an annoying rainy season for the majority of the first half of the month and my habit fell apart quickly. I want to resume that again once New Year’s is over so hopefully I start the new challenge strong again :slight_smile: .

I’m also discovering that cooking videos are stupidly relaxing and fun to watch, but the downside is that everything looks amazing and it hurts because you can’t eat it :drooling_face: . There also seems to be a strong culture of cooking in JP YouTube, I’ve found a lot of videos already with great production, though sadly I can’t recommend anyone in particular because they’ve mostly been random videos from my recommendations, sowwy.


I started (and dropped) The Killer Inside (on Viki) today. It’s about a guy who is the son of a notorious serial killer. One day he wakes up and is missing days, and the style of killings his father was known for have started again.

If you don’t mind dark content, this is an easy show re: listening. I didn’t have subs of any kind turned on and was following without effort because the dialogue is spoken clearly, pretty straight forward, and not really wild vocabulary (aside from crime stuff like 拷問).

Speaking of 拷問 though - I’m kind of over ‘women being tortured’ as a central focus in crime dramas. I don’t care for torture scenes and frankly the exciting part of murder mysteries / crime shows for me is the motive, not the act.


I watched Somebody’s Flowers from the online Independent Film Festival last night. It was long, slow, and fairly depressing, as you would expect from a film dealing with the aftermath of losing a loved one in an accident. There was a minor mystery, and a lot of “what would you do in their place”, and I didn’t watch it without interest, but it definitely could have been more compact if nothing else. For listening, the speech volume was generally lower than the surrounding sounds, often making it hard to make out what they were mumbling.


Dec 31, Sat of Extra week of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Yesterday, I listened to an episode of Learn Japanese with Noriko in Podbean. Today too, but Extra! in Patreon,

Today, I also listened to 2 tracks of かがみの孤城; thus ending the audiobook. So, it becomes the first audiobook for me to finish, and within the year too; though, technically, I focused on the audiobook at around half the book, that is 下. There are also tracks I haven’t listened, at the middle of the first volumes = 9 tracks. This audiobook has a nice sound, so I would still consider listening to it, remaining tracks or re-listening.

I am at a loss of what to listen next, but I would consider an audiobook, as a substitute for light novels; as sometimes when read longer texts, I feel sleepy easily and cannot go at a decent speed. (So, book recommendations work here too.)

国内 drama and perhaps anime are still considered, but those are in a different category.


Summary post

A couple days late, but here is my wrap-up post for this challenge!

Week 48
Week 49
Week 50
Week 51
Week 52

= Japanese
= Japanese and Spanish


In Spanish, I ended up finishing Frontera Verde, as well as the behind the scenes feature for it on Netflix! I enjoyed the show, though it was definitely a bit difficult. I also watched a bunch of episodes of Bob Esponja, and was really happy to discover that I’ve gotten far enough with Spanish that I can watch some shows without any subtitles whatsoever.

In Japanese, I pretty much just watched wrestling, haha! Most of my daily listening was only a few minutes long, since I would watch and/or rewatch post-match comment videos from Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, following along with shupro’s transcripts for them (if I had them), and trying to make sure that my translations were correct. The rest of the days, I watched Japanese pro wrestling shows for my listening practice, which are a lot longer than the post-match interviews, but which are basically entirely extensive listening practice for me, since I watch them live with only limited translation (and no transcripts/subtitles of any type), which means my comprehension is low. I am getting better, though!

I feel like I almost always have some sort of breakthrough during these challenges, and I feel like I had big ones in both Spanish and Japanese during this one! So I’m really happy about that. I’m looking forward to joining the winter listen every day challenge during the off month!


I don’t know if there are many audible users here, but I’ve been having troubles with the app recently and I can’t seem to find a solution online.
There’s a sort of banner at the bottom showing what I have been listening to and I can’t dismiss it. That was not an issue, but recently it started appearing over stuff instead of under, leading to the situation where I can’t see what is at the bottom of some pages:

I tried updating the app, restarting it, removing it and reinstalling it and nothing worked…

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Doesn’t appear to be happening on mine. I have an android phone, and it appears my last app update was Jan 25th. My listening stats looks like so:


Audible can be accessed online via computer, but I guess it depends on how much of the app functionality this is breaking for you.


I managed to get rid of the player by logging out and back in :stuck_out_tongue:
The way it looks for you is how it was for me until recently (well, except for the position of the menu).


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