Well, I just got lifetime today. Feeling nervous (but excited too!)

After three years on and off with WaniKani, I decided to take the plunge and get lifetime today. I’ve been thinking about lifetime for a while, but I’ve also been thinking about quitting, and for someone who just does Japanese as a ‘small hobby on the side’ this was a huge step for me (even bigger than subscribing annually imo). Gosh I’m nervous, It honestly does feel like I’ve made a big commitment and honestly there’s still a part of me that’s worried I’ve made the right choice. Truth is though I’ve been coming back to this site constantly for the past three years, and it always makes me feel satisfied and happy when I learn new kanji and complete my reviews!


I remember that feeling! It’s such a lot of money to commit, you know you have to follow through with the many many hours of learning to make it worthwhile. I don’t think you’ll regret it, it’s been such a rewarding and fun journey for me.

It’s a great feeling recognising kanji out in the wild. I particularly felt this when I had the chance to go Japan when I was around level 30. I now read simple books and manga and recognise 99% of the kanji I see, and it’s all through steadily plodding away with my lessons and reviews (and reading along with the book clubs to reinforce them).

Good luck on your journey!

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Even at my current level I can read a lot of tweets in Japanese. Its pretty motivating.

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