How to responsibly use Reorder Scripts?

I 2nd the lessons filter script! I typically do 25 lessons a day, so here’s how I manage that backlog:

Day 1 of level up: Do all radicals, and use remainder of the 25 lessons on last level Vocab. You now have 3 days until the locked kanji open up, so I take the amount of kanji I have access to and divide that by 3.

Day 2/3/4: 1/3rd of remaining Kanji per day (calculated above) and all remaining lessons go to last level vocab. You should clear out almost, if not all, of the last level vocab in this step, so you’ve got a clean slate.

Day 5/6/7: At this point, you’ll be unlocking current level vocab. I’ll typically do all of the kanji that unlocked on Day 5, just to maximize that level up speed, and then you have the remainder reviews plus the next two days to knock out any vocab that pops up.

Day 8/9/10: Depending on how you spread things out and if you got kanji reviews wrong… You LEVEL UP and repeat it all over agian. :slight_smile: :tada:

I know that my lesson count is slightly higher than normal, but I usually have days in the 5/6/7 area that have 0 reviews, or 20 or less, so it should still work with a lower lesson count. Pretty good flow in my opinion, but do what works best for you. :slight_smile: