I'm in LOVE with Wanikani!

Hello, Me, my wife and my daughter are embarking on learning Japanese through WaniKani. I’m so grateful to have found it and to be part of the community of learners! Thank you for making this amazing tool and I’ll see you all at level 60 (I’m on level 4 now)!!





I am in love with WaniKani too, I have not done a third of it yet, but I can read so much now, it is fabulous! Happy studying!


Great to hear! I can read a few things and we all get really excited and blurt out random words when we can :slight_smile:




It is nice that you have the extra learning community of your family. Perhaps you should print or draw out some flashcards and randomly drill each other throughout the day.

Also, I would learn the dozen or so standard greetings and such with them. I know what my favs are, but I am sure there are plenty of lists online.



and wanikani loves you back

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I love WaniKani, but wouldn’t say I’m in love - it’s more like a brother or sister… Sometimes you want to strangle it.


i suppose i still have those times ahead of me xD


Welcome! I’m in love with Wanikani too. In fact, I’m going to marry it next year! So hands off buddy!

But seriously though, it’s amazing that your family is learning it as well. Learning a language together is always a good bonding experience.


Welcome welcome welcome!!!


Welcome to WK :crabigator: :tada:

Feel free to read my guide for Wanikani, mainly chapters 1-8 ^^ I’m sure you and your dedicated family will learn from it :DD


Welcome to you and your family!
I recommand to read the above mentioned guide.
Keep in mind, this is not a competition, take your time if you want to. Be at ease with your own rhythm!


HEY! If you are all starting the journey, tell them to GET IN HERE! :smiley:

Kidding. They are welcome if they would like, welcome to ignore us if they like as well. :wink:

Welcome to the wonderful world of kanji. Wish I had someone in the same house willing to learn with me so I would have someone else to talk to regularly in Japanese. Such is life though!

Best of luck, keep at it and you will get it done. If you ever need to scream, want a collective shoulder to cry on, or need advice, stop on by! We are all happy to help kick you in the… happy to help you get over any hurdles you hit!

Never give up

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HEHE! Yea, we’re having a lot of fun with it. It’s like an extra burst of inspiration when I get to yell random words to my fam…

Thank you!

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Thanks ! This is my first dip into the community and I already know I’ll be here more! It’s great to have this added support in my Kanji journey, and to be excited to BE of support as well :slight_smile:

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ようこそ! :slight_smile:
Welcome and enjoy!

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Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

How amazing to be on this wild and crazy journey with your entire family!

Welcome to you all. We’ll get through this together! :v: